Check Out My Mini Portable Cookhouse Made From Scratch

People love to travel and be on the open road, but not always in a car or truck. Check Out My Mini Portable Cookhouse Made From Scratch!!! This is an awesome idea that comes to us from Off Grid Quest, from a man who loves to bike and feed people too. The idea came to the owner of this cookhouse bike when he and the members of a team called SIMSON of Oldtimers, which is an old motor bike enthusiast group, took this unique trailer to rebuild it as a project. The first of the parts is a kettle, which is a food bucket that the food is made and stored in to keep warm. These types of kettles were used in the German Democratic Republic, they were used everywhere in those days, for kindergartens and schools in action. It was difficult for them to find some of the parts since they wanted to make it mobile.

The first year of production was mostly thinking and conceptualizing, and building it slowly as they found the proper parts for the unit and created it piece by piece, thinking hard about how this was all going to work in unison to be a good mobile cook house. The unit includes a 25 litre boiling pan with a gasoline carburetor burner, a store room for accessories and a cooker with a 4 piece cookware set and 3 litres of hot water with soap dispenser for washing up. This handy and innovative mobile cookhouse can feed up to 40 people on the go! That is pretty impressive isn't it? The team first tested out the unit in 2008, and it was a hit!

You can see the photos of the full transformation of the 1959 trailer cookhouse. It was a green and faded colour at first, and looked well used, but not in the best shape. You can see how all of the pieces really fit together so well to sit on the trailer and be a mobile cooking unit that attaches to a motor bike, by a tall hitch, so they can now have nice warm meals ready for whenever they stop for a break. Who knows, maybe this design would be able to work for a pedal bike too! That would be also very neat and very practical too, as more and more people are using bikes to get around their cities and towns. Someone could even start up a food bike in this way and be able to keep costs low and make some good money while doing so.

This idea would also be wonderful for road trips. This trailer could be carried by anyone with the hitch capability, and then once they all got to their next stop, say at a camp ground or something, they could make up a nice stew or chilli or some soup to eat, just have to buy a few ingredients to get it going. Or, they could make the meal and then store it in the pot until they reach their destination, so that the flavours would have a chance to blend and meld together and make a really nice dish. That would be so much fun, being able to all share a nice hot meal together! Check out more photos!

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