Check out the New Live Edge Eastern Red Cedar Siding

Check out the new live edge eastern red cedar siding form Gable Log Homes. This siding is one of the many products that this awesome log home building company provides. They also sell log house packages for manufactured log homes, and other high quality materials for building. Over on their Facebook page, you'll see just how beautiful a barn style house looks when sided with their live edge eastern red cedar siding, imagine how great this siding would also look on a home or cabin. The live edge means that there is some of the bark left on one of the edges of the pieces of wood to give a very rustic, natural look. They cut their pieces 11/16" thick and cut it in a way so that it doesn't need to be beveled. Even if you just wanted to do a small shed or a garage in this live edge eastern red cedar, it would be a great way to try out this amazing product. Eastern Red Cedar is one of the most sturdy and stable types of wood to build with. Cedar tends to cost more than other types of wood because of it's popularity and demand.

Eastern red cedar's true name is Juniperus virginiana, and is also known as Virginian Juniper, aromatic cedar and red juniper. As you may have already guessed, it grows on the eastern coasts of North America from the south of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It can also be found inland as well on the plains in some regions. It's known to be a pioneer species of tree, which means that it is one of the first types of plants that will start growing on cleared land and it can live up to 900 years. The longer the tree is allowed to grow, the more developed the heartwood will be. The heartwood is the centre of the tree that grows along with the tree from the beginning. The heartwood is the strongest part of the wood of the tree, and also the most aromatic. When you smell that fresh, amazing aroma of a tree, that's the heartwood. More specifically, it's the chemicals in the heartwood being released to protect the tree from pests and insects. These chemicals are also found in the lumber used for building projects like manufactured log homes and siding. This is why log houses with a lot of heartwood will last hundreds of years, since the logs contain their own natural repellant for bugs and molds. Also, for this reason, you will find cedar being used in closets and dressers to repel moths away from clothes.

You will notice eastern red cedar by it's reddish pinkish hue, mixed with a lighter tone of wood. It has a very distinctive look that many people admire. Essential oil is also extracted from the eastern red cedar to be used for healing purposes, and it has long been used in Native ceremony to cleanse and purify as a smudging agent, where the cedar leaves and wood will be burned to release the beautiful aroma. Along with this beautiful red cedar siding, Gable Log Homes offers beautiful log house packages for sale on their website to make building log houses on your own easier. They have a unique interlocking log system that doesn't require any horizontal chinking or caulking, which is one of the tedious jobs when building log houses. Make sure you have a look at their Facebook page as well as their website, you may just be interested in one of their manufactured log homes. If not, even so, it's always inspiring to have a look at some of the beautiful, all natural homes out there.***

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