Cheddar Baked Chicken

Let us take a little walk back in time. One day when I was about thirteen, a young good looking man walked by. What astonished me the most was not the astonishing smile on his face? It was the food he was carrying in his hands. The food was producing the bustling aroma of chicken. Do you believe in love at first sight? In a minute after that, I was in love, not with the boy. I was in love with the dish. I believed that my happiness was dependant on becoming a chef and knowing how to create a dish resembled the dish that the boy was carrying!

In those times, I was having to gather enough pennies to even buy a chicken. I needed to save enough to purchase the chicken. (Not all of you believe this or can relate but it is true!) I began to save. At last, one blissful day, I counted $5 to buy 1 kilogram of chicken! I had enough money, but I realized I need to find the boy so I could ask what was in that chicken that smelled so good? I ran immediately to the street where I met him and thank heaven, and he was there smiling at me again! I asked the recipe of the food and the name then I began my mission. It was a Cheddar Baked Chicken. That was my primary experience in cooking this dish. I love cooking and exploring new kinds dishes, using my own versions that I could best figure out. I was pretty young at the time.

I arrived home and no one was in the house. I started to penetrate the skin of the chicken breasts and cut into halves. I preheated the oven around 350 degrees Fahrenheit and spread the softened butter to glaze the baking dish. After that, I mixed the ingredients like the salt, garlic powder, flour, and pepper in a pot. I cooked my dish for 35 minutes. When I made the dish, I made certain that the cheese, cereals, and bread crumbs were are blended well in a bowl and attached the chicken to the powder, mixed with the eggs and set into the bread crumb to glaze.

My eyes were half closed when it was done. I couldn't wait to taste it. My feet kept driving as I was dancing and smelling the savory aromas and taking my dish from the oven.

My father came home a little later. I was rushing to give him the Cheddar Baked Chicken. My heart was beating loud and was worried what he would say. He was delighted and told me that I had made a gourmet Cheddar Baked Chicken!. That was the biggest milestone I ever experienced in cooking, receiving a beautiful comment like that from my father. He was right. The result was perfect! The message was plain enough. That I will cook continuously.

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