Cheeseburger Macaroni

Looking for something wild and wonderful to do with your elbow macaroni for dinner or lunch? Well, you might want to try out this awesome recipe for Cheeseburger Macaroni! Not only is it easy, it’s delicious to eat! The recipe puts a whole new spin on Mac and Cheese and the traditional, well-loved Cheeseburger! It’s a really simple dish that you can cook in just twenty minutes. As simple as it is, it also has a wonderful flavour that everyone’s going to adore. Just looking at all of the pictures in this article is making us swoon! We can’t wait to get started. This recipe would be enjoyed by people of all ages. But kids would most likely really love this meal especially. It would make for a great comfort meal as well! Since it takes 2 of people's favourite meals, a cheeseburger and macaroni and cheese and combines them into one! It kind of reminds me of Hamburger Helper in a way. Do you remember the boxes of noodles with seasoning that all you had to do was add meat to? They were not the best, and this recipe definitely looks way better than that! But it is a similar recipe I think. But way better for you since it doesn't come from a box.

This super-yummy recipe comes to us from Amanda over at the “Kevin and Amanda” blog. This wonderful young couple make for a great blogging team! In addition to amazing food, they write about travel, photography, and Boston Terriers! If you want to learn anything about these topics, we encourage you to check out their site. It’s chock full of very helpful information and it is also very inspiring! They travel the world and share their experiences with all of us. Oh, and their photographs are amazing! They really know how to use a DSLR camera.

Their experiences make us want to travel and to eat well while we’re doing it. And to eat well while we’re at home, too. This is a great blog to make sure that you book mark so you can refer back to it often. The recipes alone could keep you stocked up with recipes for a while!

This lovely recipe for Cheeseburger Macaroni is sure to become one of your family’s favourite comfort foods. It would be a perfect meal for those mid-winter months when everything is grey and lifeless outside. Just curl up with a bowl of this fabulous macaroni and luscious cheese sauce, and you’ll feel like you’re in a beautiful, warm, temperate climate! Perfect comfort food for winter time! It would also make for a great dish that could be served as a side dish at a potluck or dinner gathering. People would be raving about it and asking you for the recipe, so make sure that you save the recipe or pin it on Pintrest! Want the full recipe for Cheeseburger Macaroni? Then head on over to the “Kevin & Amanda” website by following the link in the description below!

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