Cheesy Baked Pasta

We all know what its like to have a busy and hectic lifestyle filled with errands ranging from taking the kids to soccer practice, picking up the dry cleaning for our husband, the monthly dog grooming appointment, and of course frequent stops t the grocery store, all whilst trying to figure out what type of meals are going to be planned and prepared for the next week. It’s a full time job, that’s for sure…to be a Mom. And while I am a proud Mother of two children and a very happy wife, I want to just take the time to say to all the rest of you Moms out there – ‘Good job! You’re amazing!’ I have learned over the years that its really all about time management and organization. Also with meal planning, if you can prepare things in advance for the kids – especially their after-school snack – well it makes the world of a difference. I find that pre-planning and preparing their four-o’clock snack is a great way to make them happy and satisfied as son as they walk in the door, but more importantly, keeps them out of the kitchen, which give me the room and space to properly prepare for dinner. My youngest loves cheese and is always begging to eat that awful Kraft Dinner. No way! Not in my house. So I decided to find an alternative. Make it myself. After looking at a few recipes online, I found one that seemed like it would turn out alright. And the idea of baking it, even better. Again, anything that I can prepare and pop in an oven and leave for a few minutes while doing other things… great!! The good news is that not only did my little ones enjoy their afternoon snack but I did myself. Well who doesn't enjoy comfort food, especially in the form of a cheesy casserole-like dish though right?

Cheesy Baked Pasta is the perfect comfort food that you can prepare in advance and serve to your kiddies when their home from school. After your kids take a bite of this dish, they wont be grabbing for those classic KD boxes when you’re out grocery shopping any longer. It oozes with cheesy goodness and can be reheated in a flash without loosing any of its deliciousness. You can even hide in some veggies, maybe even a protein, its great! This dish is my Mom’s-Recommendation-For-The-Month and I hope you enjoy it too.

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