Cheesy Chicken Bruschetta Bread Boats

Cheese Chicken Bruschetta Bread Boats - A Perfect Marriage of Classic Bruschetta with Traditional Caprese Salad! Doesn't that sound amazing?

Insalata Caprese is a salad made up of beautiful and ripe vine tomatoes sliced and sandwiched with thick creamy slices of mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves. Finished with a healthy drizzle of aromatic extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkle of coarse sea salt and some good winds at the pepper mill...yum yum yum! Isn't it one of your absolute favourite starters? It sure is one of mine. I also love a good bruschetta! There is something about fresh tomatoes, tossed in olive oil with some fresh herbs that just works! It just always tastes absolutely incredible.

Cheesy Chicken Bruschetta Bread Boats is a recipe that came from wanting to combine the best of both worlds…with an added protein (the chicken) to make a perfectly balanced (both taste and nutrient) meal - lunch or dinner. And why not? It only makes sense when you really think about it. Taking the elements of a caprese salad and combining it with the elements of a good bruschetta. Oh I am getting hungry just thinking about it again... Anything prepared and presented on bread is a great idea for entertaining because its a great way to load up your favourite baguette or bread with lots and lots of flavour. And who doesn't love the fresh taste and bite of juicy tomatoes, especially during this time of year? Bruschetta is one of those meals or appetizers that will always be gobbled up super fast. Always.

I wanted to make something with more substance than just tomatoes, so I added some fresh mozzarella and some grilled chicken to make what I like to call an Italian Open-Faced Sandwich. Its semi-grilled and warm, but topped with fresh (and cool) tomatoes… its a winner. I guarantee it! If you grow your own garden you would also be able to grow all of the vegetable ingredients for this great snack in your own back yard or even in your own kitchen. Herbs are usually quite happy to grow indoors in the winter time, in a nice sunny but partially shady window. One that gets east or west sun is probably the best. Tomatoes are grown in the warm summer months, so probably would not grow inside though. But tomatoes are one of those great things that you always love to grow in the garden because there is nothing better than a fresh tomato off the vine, is there? I usually use all of my home grown tomatoes for salads and try and eat them fresh because of how great they taste raw. If there are any left overs, I like to make a nice sauce out of them as well, or even a tomato soup. The options are limitless. So try out this great brochette first, and share it with the ones you love.

For the full recipe, visit the 'Neighbor Food' website. Bon appetito! Enjoy and savour!

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