Cheesy Noodle Meat Bake

Cheesy Noodle Meat Bake is a recipe that will definitely leave everyone in the family feeling satisfied and is something that you can make in advance, freeze any extras for another meal, and even change up a bit if you're feeling a little creative and adventurous in the kitchen. This recipe is definitely going to be part of your family favourites - you're going to absolutely love it.

I love cooking with my kids form time to time. Do you ever let your littles help in the kitchen? I think its so important as it helps them learn new skills and also gives them the feeling like they’re contributing. Teaching your children from a young age some cooking basics is a wonderful way to teach them about food and nutrition, but also instills some key family values, life lessons, and just reinforces the importance of family-time. Team work, communication, creativity, understanding, patience…all essential skills that one can learn while being in the kitchen. Making a noodle bake - otherwise known as…lasagna - is easy, will definitely teach your kids a classic family favourite, and is one of those recipes that involved assembly….

I love this recipe. Its absolute delicious. Every bite is tasty, filling, and ever so flavourful! This meal is fun to cook because my kids love helping brown the beef and of course, enjoy dumping piles of cheese on. Sure, this recipe can be a bit messy, but nothing that a few paper towels and kitchen clothes can't take care of. If you're vegetarian, you can swap the meat for a meatless alternative, tofu, or even just add some extra veggies. If you want a break from beef, try ground pork or chicken, or if you want to be extra fancy, you can splurge and try some ground bison (a.k.a buffalo). There are so many ways you can make lasagna more interesting. Jazz it up with some extra spice and herbs, swap the sharp cheddar cheese for something like manchego, edam, or even just soft creamy mozzarella.Make this dish your family all time favourite. Go on, get cooking, and enjoy! Bon appetit.

There is something about cheese that is comforting and good. It can be creamy, gooey and perfect layered on nacho chips, sandwiches, pastas and on a cheese plate. There are many types of cheese that are made around the world, with approximately 500 different varieties that are recognized by the International Dairy Federation. The cheese varieties can be grouped or classified into different types according to their criteria with regards to length of ageing, texture, methods of making, type of animal milk, fat content, country or region of origin, and more. Many of us could not live without cheese, and are lucky there are so many varieties of the popular food available to choose from. The largest producer of cheese in the world is the United States (no wonder we love it so much), accounting about 1/4 of the world production, followed by Germany and France. In the United States the most popular types of cheese are mozzarella and cheddar.

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