Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake

Imagine starting your morning with tater tots. Not just tater tots but cheesy tater tots. *silence* *mouth waters* Alright, here’s a wiper, pal. You better wipe that saliva off. I think it would be best if we stop imagining it. It’s no use anyway. I mean why imagine when we can have Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake tomorrow in the morning? Just a few hours and you can finally grasp your imagination, friends. ‘’It’s already breakfast time here.” Pal, you’ll need to prepare this the night before so you can have a taste of it in the morning. Now since its nighttime, while you prepare, let me give you an ounce of information about the gal in this recipe.

Give it out loud for Amy, the chew out louder! Don’t know what I mean? She has created the food blog Chew Out Loud. An author, cook, and photographer – that is her role in this blog. She dedicates it to her three sons. As stated in the website, Amy’s husband is her foodie-partner in crime and the taste-tester behind Chew Out Loud. According to Amy, cooking is her hobby-therapy. I think all our hobbies are. We do the things we love to heal us; to make us forget the things that have hurt and caused us pain. *silence* Yeah, we’re going deep here already. Anyway, regarding the recipes found in her blog, Amy says, “The recipes you’ll find at Chew Out Loud contain inspired recipes with proper credit given, as well as our own tried and true homegrown recipes. I only post the best recipes certified yummy by family and friends.” Lucky family and friends, eh?

As I am reading Chew Out Loud’s About section, I have come to like Amy and her husband’s coolness. Sure, I would love to try Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake! What a lovely breakfast to have. *smiles* Now is the time for you to enjoy this dish! Just click on Chew Out Loud website below for the full recipe.

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