Cherry Cake Squares

Are you looking for that perfect dessert to serve your guest for a planned party? Or do you want something that your friends would never forget the next time you host a tea party? Well, if your answer to these questions is yes, then feel free to read on because you are about to discover how to make some delicious cherry cake squares. They are bite size and are best to serve at just about any party you feel like throwing. The right blend of sweetness and saltiness will be experienced in your mouth once you have figured out this cool recipe.

Most people think that party or tea pastries are complicated to bake and that you must have some professional culinary experience to make it happen. The truth is, no you donít need all that. What you need is a teachable heart, a passion for food and of course, a great recipe and an oven that will help you bake all these goodies for you and your peers.

Aside from those essentials, here are some of the ingredients that you must buy or at least have in your kitchen cupboard to be able to make these small cakes happen. Softened butter is a must along with some regular white sugar. Salt and eggs will always be a part of it since you are going to be dealing with baking a pastry. Room temperature eggs, some pure vanilla extract and almond extract are also needed. You must also have a stock of flour if you want to be able to bake your own food. For this recipe, 3 cups of all-purpose floor will suffice. And since this one is specifically cherry flavored, you must buy a couple of cans of cherry filling.

Well, enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the Taste of Home website below.

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