Cherry Dessert

There are some dessert recipes that are passed on from our mothers, grandmothers and aunts, recipes that have been in the family and will continue to be passed on for generations to come. This "Cherry Dessert," is a favorite in my own house, and a regular at Christmas and Birthday celebrations. The family always looks forward to seeing this dessert on the table! It is not hard to have it disappear either, with how much people love it. The nice thing, is that it is so super easy to make too. There is not a lot of work that goes into it and not a ton of ingredients. It is similar to a cheese cake recipe in that it has a cream cheese centre, with the fruit topping and the graham cracker crust. So it could almost be called an easy version of a cheese cake, or a no bake cheesecake. You can switch up the topping as well. You could try out a chocolate topping, or maybe an apple topping. Maybe even a strawberry or a fruit mix topping would be good! That is the nice thing with a cheesecake - like dessert, cheesecake tends to go with many different flavours, because the cream cheese mixture is such a versatile base.

This cherry dessert recipe is very easy to do, even for the unexperienced cook. It would be a great starter recipe for your kids who want to learn how to cook and bake. It is also no bake and has three layers to include a graham cracker crust, a creamy centre and cherry pie topping. You will want to give yourself enough time to let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour, before you serve it at any time of year, summertime, spring, fall or winter. The dessert needs to set and chill before it is served, so that it isn't too runny. This recipe was also passed on to the creator of the recipe site from her Grandma Czaplewski, and thinks it could have originated from a church cook book. To start you will want to prepare your graham cracker crust which is easy to do with graham crackers, butter and sugar. This cherry dessert filling uses condensed milk and cool whip, and the topping is easy with canned cherry pie filling. For the full recipe details you'll want to look at the site.

The creator of this recipe site, An Affair from the Heart, is Michaela, who is a busy stay at home mother of four, who lives with her husband of twenty years. She enjoys blogging, dogs, throwing parties, giving gifts, doing crafts and living life to the fullest. She enjoys entertaining, and has always enjoyed cooking even as a kid. She loves cooking and believes that family meals bring family together. On her site you will find plenty of recipe inspirations from main dish recipes, drink recipes to dessert recipes, and lots in between. Why not give this classic recipe a try?! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "An Affair from the Heart," website.

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