Cherry Fudge Made Easy

Who doesn't love fudge?! Chocolate? Desserts! Oh, those gooey sweet bites of decadent and rich flavours...Yum.

Today I am going to share with you my secret to making a cherry fudge thats delicious, rich, and super easy, so put your cellphone down, turn on some fun music, and get ready to make a chocolately mess! Cherry Fudge Made Easy…Ok, Here We Go!

I love chocolate covered cherries. There is something about the combination of sweet maraschino cherries with dark chocolate that just makes any woman smile.

One of my other guilty pleasures is fudge. Over the years and experience travelling to different sweet-places throughout Europe, Asia, even Canada, I have noticed that there is never a shortage of fudge, but that doesn't mean that all fudges are created equal. Fudge is one of those sweet confections that can be done ever so perfectly, but also can be a disastrous mess - too grainy, too sweet, not balanced, too dry, too moist, oh I could go one and on. But! It sure is a great gift to bring to any tea party, dinner gathering, or for those times when you want to just cheer someone up with something sweet.

Just like many of you out there, I seem to always be out of time. Rushing here and there, busy with work, driving from place to place, all making it quite difficult to enjoy a good baking session at home, where I can tune out and just create something decadent and gloriously delicious (and unhealthy by the way!). So, to overcome this unfortunately race against the clock, I decided to take it ion myself to learn some fast and easy recipes, but those for treats and indulgences which would normally take quite some time preparing or cooking together. And, who doesn't like chocolate? Something sweet? Mouth-watering, creamy and delicious?

Now its your turn. Go on and check out this link, the DIY Cozy Home website where you can watch a video giving you the ingredients and instructions for this yummy dessert. Enjoy!

Learn MORE / Get RECIPE at DIY Cozy Home

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