Chicken and Dumplings

Sometimes everyone just needs a bit of comfort food, and this Chicken and Dumplings recipe might just be the thing you are looking for. When the weather gets colder, people tend to reach for more comfort food recipe than usual. There is just something about having a chicken noodle soup broth comforting recipe that maybe our parents or grandparents made for us when we were kids. Typically comfort food recipes involve some cheese, meat, and carbohydrate ingredients like bread, or in this recipe, dumplings. This is a super hearty and comforting meal made with all natural ingredients. The healthy leftover chicken recipes use a nicely roasted chicken, and the dumpling recipe is made from scratch with buttermilk and chives, giving them a nice savory flavor.

The recipe for chicken and dumplings is something that people in the United States quite likely grew up. The recipe for chicken and dumplings was originally adapted from a French Canadian recipe from the Great Depression. The ingredients in this recipe are all things that could be found inexpensively during the Great Depression, and so that is why they made the recipe feed a lot of people a hearty meal that would help to sustain them. The chicken and dumpling soup recipe are made with a variety of vegetables like carrots, celery, onions, and chicken broth that is added with some thyme. You then add the healthy leftover chicken recipes from a roasted chicken or a boiled chicken. You also add some flour to thicken up the soup recipe a little bit. This will give it the soup recipe more of a hearty stew consistency then a thin soup, but if you like it thinner you can leave the flour out of course. Then you mix up your dumpling recipe, which is biscuits that sit on top of the soup recipe. To that you add the dumplings into the soup broth one at a time, in small amounts, because they do triple in size as they cook in the broth. There is nothing quite like a chicken noodle soup broth, healthy leftover chicken recipe or healthy chicken noodle soup recipe to make you feel better again, and to help build your immune system.

For this healthy leftover chicken recipes the dumplings in the recipe cook in the steam of the soup; make sure you cover the pot so that they can cook up and be nice and steamy and soft. There are different variations of chicken and dumplings recipes, like Won Ton soup recipes, which is the Chinese version of this all time favorite. The wontons in this recipe are stuffed with pork or other meats and savory spices and herbs. This healthy leftover chicken recipes is great if you are sick, which the creator of the site likes to make for herself when she is feeling a bit under the weather. This is a nice warming soup recipe that can be enjoyed any time of year when you just want something good to warm the body. There is something about chicken dumplings recipes, chicken noodle soup broth and healthy chicken noodle soup recipe that make us feel good again.

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