Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Who does not love to prepare and eat casseroles? They are the perfect evening meal and people just love them, especially kids! They are also the perfect leftover meal! One of Americans most favorite casseroles is the Chicken Broccoli Casserole, and it is the most demanded casseroles by people during family gatherings. This is a way to get your children to 'eat their broccoli'. This casserole also has shredded bacon on top, so there is an additional layer of texture and flavor.

If we trace back the history of casseroles, you will find a French Canadian immigrant named Elmire Jolicoeur. He was the inventor of the modern casseroles. As time went by, casseroles have evolved and changed. In the United States, casseroles are prepared with variations from other countries. North American cuisine has incorporated the use of condensed soups in casseroles such as the tuna, pea and pasta casserole with the bread crumb topping. Casseroles are known to be the primary food during family gatherings.

There are different types of casseroles; they are called ragout, hotpot, cassoulet, tajine, moussaka, lasagna, shepherd’s pie, gratin, macaroni timballo and carbonnade. Casseroles are cooked in an oven in one single cooking vessel. To avoid vaporization, casseroles can be covered and often a recipe has the casserole covered for part of the cooking time then uncovered for browning and crisping.

Casseroles are the all-time comfort food of many people. Who would have thought chicken, broccoli and the cheese melting in your mouth will also make your heart melt!

If you are using vegetables in your casseroles, select colorful fresh ones.

Many recipes call for frozen vegetables. Never use canned vegetables, they are mushy and without nutrients and flavor. Whenever possible, using fresh will offer the best of texture and flavors.

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