Chicken Chimichangas

Feeling like some Mexican comfort food? These Chicken Chimichangas might just be the perfect thing to satisfy that craving! Martha, from A Family Feast recipe blog shares with us one of her favourite recipes from a restaurant in Boston called The Edgewater Café, that her husband Jack used to work at. She would go in and order these and a bowl of the chili with cheese and these chicken chimichangas. Now her husband makes them for her at home whenever she wants them and now they are sharing the recipe with all of us so we can enjoy them at home too.

The chimichanga is basically a deep fried burrito with either shredded pork or chicken inside and a creamy sauce over top. There is actually some debate over who invented the chimichanga. One of the probabilities is that is was invented by Monica Flin when she accidentally dropped one of her pastries in the deep frier, or that it was Woody Johnson who tried to put burritos in a deep frier as an experiment, and then they became so popular at his restaurant in the 1950s. But it is mostly a southern American states recipe that is not overly authentic to Mexico itself. I never even tried a chimichanga in Mexico only in the more Americanized Mexican restaurants.

They are really good and definitely a great comfort food like Martha on the blog says. These ones consist of Mexican style pulled chicken, for which she also shares the recipe on her website, and links you to it right in this recipe in fact. The other ingredients are the Monterey Jack cheese and the Pepper Jack cheese, with some jalapeños, and sour cream. The tortillas are basically just rolled up with all of the ingredients inside and then they are baked in the oven. This might be a healthier way of making them too, instead of deep frying them. They are really great with salsa and hot sauce as well! They are super easy to make for any dinner or any occasion and everyone always seems to love them. You could even do a vegetarian option too, with just rice and veggies or even beans perhaps.

Mexican food is always great comfort food, that is always very nourishing too. All of the ingredients are usually all natural, and good for us, and when you make your food at home, you know exactly what is going into it. You won't find any added sodium in there that you didn't know about, or any MSG to make the flavours pop more. It is all 100% natural ingredients. Kids would absolutely love these chimichangas as well! They might be fun to make for a birthday party for the kids. Something that every kid loves is lots of cheese! So kids would gobble it all up! They could even add their own toppings which is always fun for them too. So go on over to try out this awesome recipe for yourself on the 'Family Feast' website. I bet you will be so glad that you did!

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