Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Hola! Sometimes, we do some things to 'call it a day'. It could be watching a football match or a movie, or a long chit chat with a friend on the telephone. However, there is another thing you can do AND it is a great way to unwind, and reap the benefits afterward too – that is preparing and enjoying some food. A great way to end your day could be having enchiladas for dinner. If you haven’t heard about Chicken Enchilada Casserole, it is time for you to get your baking tools ready because this is our featured recipe for this article. Before everything else commences, let’s start off with a little information about the girl behind this casserole who lives well and bakes often, and one of the ingredients of the recipe.

I’m pretty sure that we would all love to meet Danielle. She is not only the girl behind the recipe, she is also the life behind the blog Live Well Bake Often. Just like some other food bloggers, Danielle’s passion for cooking and baking has made her create the blog – with a little push from her husband, who is the food tester of Live Well Bake Often as well. Some of her recipes in her blog are not just mere ones. “You’ll find a mix of healthy and indulgent recipes on my blog because life is all about balance, right?” says Danielle. If ever you want to have both healthy and indulgent, all you need to do is visit her blog.

In making this Chicken Enchilada Casserole, you are going to need only five ingredients. One of these is refried beans. Refried beans,are a dish of cooked and mashed beans. It is a Texan-Mexican cuisine. One of the most popularly used refried beans is the Pinto beans. According to Daniel Gritzer in the website Serious Eats, they are perfect as refried beans. They offer s a sweet and earthly flavor, and also soft which makes it easier to smash. Then of course you need the chicken, which is great for using leftover chicken you may have from a previous meal. Sometimes its a great idea to have a whole roast chicken for dinner one night and then have the rest throughout the week. You can make casseroles like this one, you can also make chicken soup broths, which are so healthy and add the chicken to salads and sandwiches. The other thing that goes into the casserole is the corn tortillas, which you would normally have in a chicken enchilada, and the enchilada sauce. Then you layer the cheese in there, so it has the perfect ooey gooey consistency. Doesn't that sound amazing?! Kids would also be sure to love this recipe as well.

Enchiladas are kind of a casserole already in a way, they are layers of rolled up cheese and meat in tortillas with a sauce put over top and then more cheese! So this wouldn't be too far of a cry from the real deal! Now is the time for you to enjoy Chicken Enchilada Casserole! Check out the Live Well Bake Often website!

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