Chicken in Lemon Sauce

Paired with saffron rice, herbed pasta, a garden salad or steamed vegetables, Chicken in Lemon Sauce makes a delicious meal. Tender, moist and bursting with flavour, it is quick, simple and easy to prepare. With a hint of white wine and a dash of grated parmigaino, chicken in lemon sauce is delightful!

For Rossella, cooking is not just about cooking, it is about family, community and spending quality time with one another. Recent winner of the Food Network - 24 hour Restaurant Battle - Battle Italiano, as host of an online cooking show and food webisode series, 'Cooking with Nonna', Rossella shares Grandma's delicious and nutritious Italian recipes, including Chicken in Lemon Sauce with the new generations.

This site is a great place to go if you enjoy Italian cooking. The recipes on this site are the real thing, passed down from Italian grandmothers and Nonna's from generation to generation. It's like taking a trip to Italy and having secret family recipes passed on to you. These Italian recipes come from regions all over Italy. Rossella's parents were born in Mola di Bari, which is a small fishing town in Italy. Rossella is a first generation Italian American, born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Rosella grew up surrounded by cooking and spending time with her family, always where there was food involved.

Looking through the recipes on Cooking with Nonna will make your mouth water, there is a little bit of everything from traditional Italian dessert recipes to pasta recipes, appetizer recipes to chicken recipes and everything in between. You'll find the best arborio rice recipe with dry fava beans, baked rigatoni recipe, meat soup recipes, butternut squash ravioli with a tasty porcini sauce recipe and so much more.

You can learn how to do this chicken in lemon sauce with the easy to understand step by step recipe video tutorial. Recipe video tutorials are the best way to get a good understanding of how to make recipes successfully. This recipe tutorial is 13 minutes, which is a little longer than some tutorials, but is nice because you get to hear Nonna Nina's story and recipe directions, it's just like having grandma over to teach you how to cook. This site is the way to go when you have any Italian cooking you want to do, it is a real authentic Italian cooking experience, with all of the recipes that you have seen and heard about for years. The personal stories are always fun too! It is also nice getting Italian recipes from different regions of Italy, with lots of different variations on the same recipes, so you can try different ones and see which recipe you like the best.

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