Chicken Meatloaf Wellington with Sun Dried Tomatoes

What do you get when you cross Beef Wellington with Chicken Meatloaf and add a dash of colour? Why, Chicken Meatloaf Wellington with Sun Dried Tomatoes, of course! For those of us who love simple yet elegant meat-stuffed meals, this little baby is bound to be a hit. If you’re tired of the same old meatloaf but still recognize all of its good points – it’s fast, easy, hearty, and filling – then you’re gonna love this new spin on it. First of all, there is no law that says meatloaf has to be made with red meat, right?! Why not try chicken or even turkey instead? Both are available in ground form these days, and both are far healthier than the standard ground beef often used in meatloaf.

Oh yes indeed, this little recipe is going to turn the whole meatloaf industry on its ear, that’s for sure! Not only does it call for chicken, it also calls for puff pastry. What?! Puffed pastry? Who ever heard of a meatloaf with puffed pastry? Well, the world is changing, dear friends, and these days it’s not only perfectly acceptable to use chicken and puffed pastry in a meatloaf dish, it’s actually preferred! Try it, and you’ll see what we mean. Promise! Seriously, imagine a lovely chicken meatloaf with sun dried tomatoes neatly rolled into a puffed pastry shell. It looks like a work of art once it’s done. It’s so neat and tidy, you can eat it with your bare hands. Or you can cut it into slices if you like and eat it with a knife and fork. Whether you’re hands-on or dainty, this meal is for everyone! When the chicken is cooked in this way it holds in all of its delicious juices so when you cut into it, or bite into it for that matter, be prepared for a warm surprise of flavour. This dish is best served hot, as Nagi our chef says, but we’re ready to prove her wrong. We’ll just bet it would be lovely as a lunch as well. It would be so easy to pack into a brown paper bag to take to work, or school, or on a picnic!

Nagi is the author of the “Tin Eats Blog”, and she is the genius who “accidentally” created this fine recipe. One day when she was looking in her fridge, wondering what she could pair her ground chicken with, she saw the sun-dried tomatoes that were left over from a previous recipe. As she ALWAYS keeps a packet of puffed pastry in her freezer, she knew exactly what she had to do! That’s when this lovely Chicken Meatloaf Wellington with Sun Dried Tomatoes was born. If necessity is the mother of all invention, then we most certainly thank necessity – and Nagi – for inventing this wonderful new recipe! Nagi also has a secret to her meatloaf’s true success. You’ve got to GRATE the onions, not just dice them. Why? So they will be able to cook completely and their juices will soak into the chicken evenly, giving everything that beautiful – but subtle - oniony flavour.

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