Chicken Potatoes Bacon Au Gratin

Poutine, mashed potatoes, scalloped and French fries... I love potatoes and am always trying new ways to eat them. But I think I have found the holy grail of potatoes! Chicken Potatoes Bacon Au Gratin. I will let you just take a moment to think about that title. Chicken, with potatoes of course, smothered in cheese and BACON? This sounds like poutine in heaven.

I am always adding potatoes to meals, either baked or mashed and sometimes in a casserole, but this recipe could be a meal on its own. I had a bunch of hungry men coming over to watch a fight as my husband bought it on pay-per-view. As it was kind of last minute, I didn't have time to prepare individual chicken breasts to make for all the guests. In a panic I started to chop them up and then recalled a time where I made this recipe instead of "nachos" and had wives calling me the next day to ask for the recipe. I grabbed the potatoes and cheese and went to work. I will admit that the many varieties of cheese I had on hand made this recipe even better, fresh Parmesan and havarti with sharp grated cheddar - topped with smokey and crispy bacon bits and fresh chives from the garden. I placed the dish down with a few side plates and left the room.

Moments later the sounds of delight were heard and they were louder than the TV! So many compliments, I don't even know which was the best. The meal was inhaled and devoured, and as I knew that may be the case, I left a second helping int the kitchen and waited till the guests practically begged for more, and brought it out to squeals of glee. The only regret I had was not tripling the recipe as the amount I prepared barely lasted 10 minutes and I still got phone calls the next day for the recipe. My only suggestions were a few varieties of the cheese, I used a couple different types of potatoes as that was all I had I the fridge, and I made the bacon super crispy to crumble over the top! My husband even said I should make this for his boss and he would get a raise!

Yes, potatoes really are one of our favorite sources of comfort food. Tried and true, most of us have been eating them since childhood. It doesn't matter what recipe you find potatoes in most of them are undoubtedly delicious. Some of the recipe you will find potatoes in include mashed potatoes, whole baked potatoes,boiled or steamed potatoes, French fried potatoes or chips, cut into cubes and roasted potatoes, scalloped, diced, or sliced and fried (home fries), grated into small thin strips and fried (hash browns), grated and formed into dumplings, potato au gratin, potato gnocchi, potato soup,potato casserole, leek and potato soup, Rösti or potato pancakes. Not everyone can eat potatoes however, because potatoes are part of the nightshade family. The reason why nightshades are problematic for many people is due to the glycoalkaloid content. Overconsumption of these edible species can actually be poisonous to anyone, and it is possible that the low-level toxic properties of nightshade vegetables contribute to a variety of health issues over time.

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