Chill Out With Chili Cheesecake

Want to spice up your favorite cheesecake? Why not give it a twist and put a little bit of bite on your tongue while munching this yummy dessert? It is not something you see everyday but when you close your eyes and try to imagine it, Cheesecake would be so delicious by adding spices to it. Anyone that is lucky enough to get a taste will likely come to eat at your place again, hoping for a repeat in the menu!

You can easily find the ingredients in the market and this can be prepared one day in advance. You will need vegetables like tomato, green onions, black olives, cilantro, green chilies, cumin and chili powder.

These spicy ingredients will make your chili cheesecake stand out. But that’s not just the reason you should add them to your favorite snack. Aside from these spices adding flavors to your palate, they also give lots of health benefits. Let’s examine one ingredient, the chili powder. This might look insignificant in some dish and its only purpose in life is only to give a hot taste. But there are more to it than you think. Chili powder is a very healthy seasoning with significant amounts of beneficial nutrients. There is vitamin A that maintains the health of your eyesight. You can have 44.5 percent of your recommended daily vitamin A intake in a tablespoon of chili powder; Vitamin C that is an antioxidant which fight damage from free radicals that can increase the risk of developing harmful health conditions like cancer and heart diseases. With a tablespoon of chili powder, you can have 8 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C intake.

Aside from these vitamins, it can help you acquire your desired body form. This seasoning has compounds that can boost your metabolism, giving you a slimmer body. And this doesn’t contain cholesterol. Not just that, do you know that chili powder can also ease indigestion? Some worry that indulging spicy food will give tummy problems. According to research published in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology, seasoning your food with chili powder over time could help alleviate the symptoms of stomach problems like chronic indigestion and acid reflux. But keep in mind that packets of “chili seasonings” contain high amounts of sodium. It doesn’t have the same nutritional benefits.

So chill and enjoy your snacks and sprinkle a little hot stuff for a zippy dessert. For the list of the ingredients of your Chili Cheesecake, visit 'Tasty Kitchen' website below.

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