Chocolate Chip Cheesecake with Oreo Crust

This "Chocolate Chip Cheesecake with Oreo Crust" recipe makes the most delicious Birthday cake. The combination of crunchy cookies and creamy cheesecake make this dessert recipe popular with everyone.

This entire chocolate chip cheesecake with Oreo Crust recipe was made with the help of a food processor making it deceptively simple. You can use all cream cheese if you prefer but this recipe has a mix of cream cheese and ricotta which gives a great texture every time. For the Oreo crust recipe of this cheesecake you will need Oreo sandwich cookies, and melted butter slightly cooled. To make the crust, add the cookies to a food processor and pulse until they've turned into crumbs. Pour in the melted butter and pulse a few more times until all the crumbs have been coated. Pour into a 9 inch spring form pan and tamp down to form an even layer. Some of the ingredients you will need for the cheesecake recipe include cream cheese, ricotta cheese, sugar, eggs, all purpose flour, melted and cooled unsalted butter and vanilla.

Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown, food preparation made from cacao seeds, roasted and ground. It is often flavored with vanilla. It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ingredient in other sweet foods. Cacao has been cultivated by many cultures for at least three millennia in Mesoamerica. The earliest evidence of chocolate can be traced to the Mokaya (Mexico and Guatemala), with evidence of chocolate beverages dating back to 1900 BC. In fact, the majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Maya and Aztecs, who made it into a beverage known as xocolāt. The seeds of the cacao tree have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavor. Chocolate is a popular treat eaten in a variety of mostly sweet desserts. Some of the things you will find chocolate include candy making, chocolate chips, chocolate beverages (hot chocolate), chocolate covered almonds, truffles, cookies, puddings, fudge, cereals, ganache, cheesecake, chocolates with various fillings, cakes, granola bars, lollipops and candies.

Cheesecake is a sweet dessert that consists of usually one or more layers. The main, and thickest layer, consists of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese usually cream cheese or ricotta, eggs, and sugar; if there is a bottom layer it most often consists of a crust or base made from crushed cookies, graham crackers, pastry, or sponge cake. It may be baked or unbaked (usually refrigerated). Cheesecake is typically sweetened with sugar and may be flavored or topped with fruit, whipped cream, nuts, fruit sauce, and/or chocolate syrup. Cheesecake can be prepared in many flavors, such as cherry, strawberry, pumpkin, key lime, chocolate or toffee.

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