Chocolate Chip Pizza

On the top of the list of cookie recipes, chocolate chip cookies always come out on top. Take the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe and make a yummy Chocolate Chip Pizza. If you know how to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch, then you will have a really easy time making this awesome recipe for simple chocolate chip cookies in a pizza form. Since everyone loves pizza and everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, this recipe will go over well with anyone. Make it for a get together, a birthday party, or just for an after dinner dessert. This recipe is super simple to make and doesn't take a lot of your time either.

You might think that this recipe is basically just some chocolate chip cookie dough rolled out onto a baking sheet in a thin layer and then cut into thin slices. But this recipe is more than that. This recipe actually includes a real pizza dough crust. You can choose to make your pizza dough crust from scratch, but just as is done in the recipe, you can use the pre made stuff from the store. Then, a boxed cake mix is added as well as the chocolate chips and more sugar. The sugar melts when it is baking in the oven to create a nice crunchy crust on the top of the cookie dough pizza.

Once your cookie pizza has baked and cooled, it is ready to eat. This recipe for simple chocolate chip cookies pizza will be a hit at your house just like it is in Christy's house. Christy is the author of The Girl Who Ate Everything food blog and she says that this chocolate chip cookie pizza doesn't take long to disappear in their household. With five young kids its no wonder why. You can see the process of her baking it as she took some photos along the way. Her photos are really detailed so you can see exactly how to make this recipe. Its always nice to have a visual with a recipe, whether it is a series of photos or a video. It just helps you to know what the recipe should look like as you are making it, especially if you have never made the recipe before. This isn't totally like a chocolate chip cookie, it is more like a cake or squares, but it still has that chocolate chip cookie type of flavour. Other dessert pizza recipes you can try are a fruit pizza recipe where you make a sugar cookie crust with a cream cheese topping and then you add fruit on top with a simple fruit juice glaze that preserves the colour of the fruit.

Chocolate chip recipes have been around for quite some time and Ruth Graves Wakefield was the woman to come up with the first and best chocolate chip cookie recipe that we all know and love. Ruth was one of the owners of the Toll House Inn Restaurant and she would always like to make treats for the guests. One time she was trying to make chocolate cookies but she didn't have any cocoa powder so she chopped up a bunch of chocolate into pieces and added it to the batter thinking it would melt while the cookies baked. When the cookies came out she realized that somehow, the chocolate stayed in tact. This was because the makers of Hershey's chocolate bars put a coating on the chocolate so it doesn't melt as fast. But she tried the cookies and everyone loved them, and we still love them. Thank you to Christy for this awesome chocolate chip pizza recipe. Make sure you check out all of her other fabulous recipes on her website.*

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