Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Want a succulent new chocolate cake recipe to add to your list of best cake recipes? This Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe is super-moist, easy on the sugar, and very simple to make. Whether itís for a kids birthday cake, a holiday cake, or a cake for any family occasion, this is truly one of the most amazing cake recipes you can find. One of the best things about it is that it stays creamy and moist until youíve eaten the very last bite.

Cake recipes go back to ancient times, but of course, cakes were quite different back then. The early cakes were sweetened with honey and were more like bread than the cakes we know today. Quite often, dried fruits and nuts were added to these ancient cake recipes to give the cakes more texture and sweetness, and also to assist with the preserving process. The English word cake can be traced back to kaka in Norse in dictionaries from the early Thirteenth Century. In Medieval times, bakers would commonly make gingerbread and fruitcakes as they would keep for a very long time. With the advent of consistent, efficient ovens in the mid-Seventeenth Century, itís believed that cakes bearing a closer resemblance to our modern-day cakes were first baked Ė that is, their recipes included refined sugar and they were baked in cake hoops, or round cake molds, and sometimes even cake pans. Early cake frosting recipes consisted of a boiled sugar and egg white concoction and they were occasionally flavoured with spices. Quite often this icing mixture would then be poured over the cake before placing it back in the oven to set. Once the cake was finally removed from the oven, the frosting would cool to form a beautiful shiny coating that closely resembled ice; hence, the word icing.

Although cake-baking is an ancient tradition, mayonnaise is fairly recent one. Itís commonly believed that mayonnaise was first invented by the Duke of Richelieuís chef in 1756 as part of the Dukeís victory celebration feast after he overcame the British at Port Mahon. As far as chocolate mayonnaise cake recipes go, some food experts believe they were first developed by Hellmanís during the Depression in order to help their mayonnaise product sell better. Because it was an excellent substitute for milk and butter, both of which were extremely costly at this time, mayonnaise was a thrifty alternative to these two main cake ingredients. It tasted just as good, if not better. The truth of the matter is, however, Hellmanís did not invent the mayonnaise chocolate cake recipe, but they did popularize it. It actually goes back to the early 1900s when bakers were making chocolate spice cakes and adding mayo to the recipes to make them more luscious and moist. The rest, as we all know, is history, and that pretty much brings us up to date with this ultra-new-and-improved version of the Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe.

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