Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake

Like many home bakers, it almost feels sinful to pull out a cake mix and packaged pudding when you know you have the ingredients to pull it off from scratch and it doesn't take all that much longer. This being said, however, some days you just want to enjoy the finished product rather than take your valuable time to make the entire thing from scratch. This recipe uses just a few simple ingredients...the boxed chocolate cake, the packed chocolate pudding, some milk and some chocolate chips. The recipe makes a delicious 9x13 inch pan so will be great for a big party of hungry sweet teethed mouths.

If you are a stickler for quality, then even though you are choosing a boxed chocolate cake mix, there are still a variety of kinds to choose from. Even bakeries are known to used boxed cake mixes. We all think that baking from scratch is better, but here are some things you may not have considered. Scratch mixes of course allow you to accommodate for special food allergies, but if you are baking in a rush, then you may really appreciate the quickness of a package. There is a stigma that goes along with cake packages, but there are some on the market that use very high quality ingredients.

When you are reading the ingredients in a cake package and are really looking for the best, then think about what you would normally put in a cake batter and try to get a package with the ingredients that are as close to this list as possible. The main thing here is convenience is the key. Although the time difference is quite similar for a cake mix and a mix from scratch, what the cake mix has an edge is the peace of mind that it will work out. We know what it will taste like and that it will work, which is hard to say when you bake from scratch.

So to try this delicious Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake (with just 5 easy ingredients)..check out the link below to the "Eat Live Run" website.

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