CHOOSE a Dog and Find Out What Your Choice Says About YOU

1 Stable

Choosing a lab represents an amicable, friendly characteristic. You have a natural, compassionate nature and try to find the best in people. You are trustworthy, loyal and family-oriented. Most of the time, you are patient, calm and collected, however, if someone makes you feel nervous then you won't hesitate to defend your space. In work-related projects, you see things through and are a natural people-pleaser. You are more likely to stick to routines or stay in relationships a long time; even if the other person does not treat you as well as you treat them. You're a great companion and friend.

2 Creative

You have an open curiosity and enjoy new experiences. You are likely to partake in some kind of creative outlet, whether art, photography, writing, or traveling. Strangers can quickly become friends and you have a natural tendency to like nice things. The types of hobbies you gravitate towards may include shopping, fitness, dancing or going to theme parks and other activities. You'll talk to most anyone; however, deep down you may feel as though you have inferior intelligence to most of the people you meet. You are conscious about your looks and are always looking for new opportunities to better yourself, but you may move around a lot or feel discontent about some aspects of your life.

3 Great Sense of Humor

Being a kid at heart comes easy for you! You love to laugh and don't take life too seriously. People gravitate to your naturally-friendly demeanor. You love to joke around a lot and are very affectionate. Friends and family love hanging around with you. Even your work is fun, although you'd rather be hanging out at the lake or with the kids.

4 Intense

Even when you are not searching for drama, somehow it finds you. Nothing comes easy to you, but you roll with the punches as best you can. Sometimes you feel like you never have a minute to yourself and that there is too much on your plate. You're always going, going, going somewhere and have a lot of family, work and social obligations. You make good money but it seems to fly out the window as fast as you get it. Despite all of the dramatic circumstances you deal with a lot, you have an optimistic outlook about life.

5 Stubborn

Sophisticated, intelligent and fairly set in your ways, you are more of a loner. But you like it that way. It's not that you dislike people; you simply don't have time for meaningless banter. You are successful, confident and not exactly lovey-dovey, but you do love the ones who are close to you. You are more of an introvert than an extrovert and like to keep to yourself, and prefer if others would do the same. Probably your home is neat and tidy.

6 Athletic

Whether you're outdoors enjoying a walk, jog or run, or skiing down the slopes, biking or hitting the gym, you are a natural athlete. You prefer being outside as opposed to indoors and like to hang out with people who enjoy doing the same. You have a lovable, friendly disposition and might buy the stranger behind you a cup of coffee just to be nice. Most of the time you have a smile on your face and portray an air of confidence that others admire. People tell you that you are attractive or good-looking, but deep down you are as authentic as it gets. You have a way with words and a charming, likable quality about you.