Choose a Food and Find Out What Your Choice Says About YOU

1 – You’re Going Through the Motions

Chances are, you have a life that is ho-hum. You are settling for a job that gets you by and pays the bills. You may also be settling in your relationship. There is not much to be excited about; today is just another day. Sometimes you might bring your lunch, while other times you might go to a local sandwich shop. But you’re not too creative; you usually go to the same places and order most of the same things. You like routines and structure. It would take a really earth-shaking event or incident to move you outside of your comfort zone.

2 – You’re a Social Person

What could be better than a classic pizza on a Friday night with your family or friends? You are family-oriented and whether you are enjoying pizza with a group of friends or family, you’re a social type of person and prefer being amongst the company of others. You have a great sense of humor and are pretty easygoing. Just chillin’ and going with the flow comes naturally to you. You’re also very busy so you don’t have much time to prepare an elaborate meal, either due to studying, work or other social obligations.

3 – You’re a Partyer

Whether it’s a grilled steak at a backyard barbecue or while tailgating at the game, you live, eat and breathe for your favorite sports team. You love watching sports on TV or hanging out at your favorite sports pub and talking smack about the other teams. You can remember statistics of every player, but you have trouble recalling where you put your car keys. You like pets and have a tendency to go overboard on things that are important to you. That’s why you have an entire room in your house devoted to your favorite baseball, football or basketball team. Beware of addictions to alcohol or other party favors.

4 – You’re Sensible

Being at home is your comfort zone. You enjoy cooking and entertaining, whether for family or friends. You like things to be just so and have a few control issues. You’re a loving parent and would do anything to make the ones you love happy. Your personality is more analytical than creative, but you have a strong appetite for the finer things in life and are always striving to be the very best at whatever you do. People would say that you are well-balanced and not too flashy, but you are able to converse about any topic, no matter how diverse.

5 – You’re Classy

You have a strong appetite for success and can be seen as pretentious. Having a fondness for money and power comes naturally to you. There is an underlying creative streak within you that never leaves and every day you have a new idea for the next big thing. You may be good at business and/or entrepreneurial endeavors. Traveling is one of your favorite past times and you love visiting new places. You are romantic at heart and would like nothing better than to share your life with that someone special. Elegance, luxury and sophistication are all part of your character.

6 – You’re a Health Nut

Chances are you are in great shape and may either be a vegan or vegetarian. Your point-of-views are black or white, there are no gray areas. You like things to be a certain way and don’t settle without a good fight. You believe in equality and fairness, and may be an advocate of special causes, whether they are related to animals or human rights; or some other great purpose. The energy surrounding you is positive and you have an optimistic outlook. You may be a great teacher or someone in a healthcare profession, and you enjoy giving people advice about the topics you know best.