Choose a Horse and Find Out What Your Choice Says About YOU

1 – Carefree

You are one-of-a kind and have a carefree, unique personality that others admire. You have natural beauty and are very creative, artistic and a “go-with-the flow” demeanor. When you are not learning or creating, you like to write and spend time outdoors. You prefer being physically active and cannot sit still. Life is an adventure and you love to enjoy it to the fullest capacity. There are some distinctive physical characteristics about you that others compliment a lot, such as nice eyes or teeth, or beautiful skin tone.

2 – Friendly

You have a gentle spirit and kind heart. Even strangers sense your peaceful soul and often share their woes with you. You have a listening ear and warm personality. It would not be unlike you to help someone in need. Going the extra mile is in your nature as a people pleaser. Be careful though, sometimes you need to take time for yourself and do something special that makes you feel good instead of always putting the effort into others. There is a tendency to feel undervalued or underappreciated if people take you for granted.

3 – Go-Getter

You are unstoppable, ambitious and driven! You have a naturally competitive nature and will do whatever it takes to move forward, both professionally and personally. There is nothing or no one who can stand in your way. Most likely, you are a Type A person who is always on the go-go-go. You want to see and do as much as you can and you live for the moment, rarely planning anything. Spontaneity is part of your second nature, but not everyone shares in your daring desires. This can make you feel like a loner, but you are not lonely because you are too independent and have a great self-esteem.

4 – Flashy

You love to be the center of attention and have all eyes on you. When you walk in a room, people notice you, either because of your strong physical presence or because of your attitude, or perhaps a combination of the two. Many people envy you and wish they could be more like you, based on the way you carry yourself and the confidence you project. You love to look good and spend money on material possessions, like designer jeans, real leather goods, nice perfume or jewelry. Nothing but the best will do. Your vanity is both your persona and your Achilles heel.

5 – Aware

When something is happening, you are the first to know about it. You know what’s going on and have a natural interest in human behavior. You have natural instincts to decipher between good and bad people and events, although sometimes you don’t always trust those instincts to guide you. You are astute and have a sharp business acumen and logical way of thinking. Perhaps you are some kind of a detective, spy or overseer of projects for your company. Multi-tasking is no problem for you. Although most people only see your serious side, you are able to let loose with those who are closest to you

6 – Wanderlust

Settling down is not in your nature. You have a natural curiosity to explore the world and may have moved several times throughout your life, or at least have a desire to. Traveling is one of your favorite hobbies and passions. Because of all of your worldly experiences, you are intelligent