CHOOSE a Tiny Home and Find Out What Your Choice Says About YOU

1 – The Artist

You have an eclectic, carefree style. There is organization to your madness, but you have a creative, free spirit. You know your sense of style and like others to see it in you. You have a bit of OCD and like to have everything in its place, but only you know where that is. You may have collections that you are proud of. You are a great host and enjoy being surrounded by friends.

2 – The Homebody

You like to be home, and home is your haven. You like things a certain way and may have a bit of a “neat freak” streak. Your idea of a perfect vacation is right at home, enjoying your own backyard or playing games on your mobile devices or computer. You wouldn’t dream of being without an internet connection. You are very family-centric and always like to be close to the ones you love.

3 – The Naturalist

You’re a free spirit and have a determination that others admire. You would be perfectly content wearing nothing but your birthday suit, every day. You love plants and all things organic, and would be just fine as a vegetarian. You’re a lover and great companion, very generous and kind hearted.

4 – The Wanderer

You can’t sit still; you always have to be on the move. Whether you are traveling to work or traveling to your weekend activities, you are always on the go. You have a tendency to start things and never finish them, even with the best intentions. You crave fulfillment but often feel lost in the process of self-discovery. You are more of a loner and haven’t found the right person to spend the rest of your life with. But you kind of like it that way…

5 – The Sportsman

You enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and being outdoors. You have a natural oneness with nature. You wouldn’t mind living off the land and have an appreciation for the beauty of the earth. You have a few close friends but are more of an introvert, quiet type of person. Although some see you as being shy or introverted, you are just a happy-go-lucky kind of person who doesn’t need hundreds of people to be entertained.

6 – The Adventurer

There is no mountain you wouldn’t climb! You love hiking, biking, traveling and you’re always up for an adventure. You have a free spirit and easygoing, carefree personality. You love using your hands, exploring and have a natural curiosity about the world. You are a go-getter and always striving to be successful. You have a natural desire to be at the top and never settle for anything subpar. You’re a kid at heart.