Cinnamon French Toast Bites

Recipes that take a food that is typically served at one meal and transfer them to another are great because they let you see old favorites in a new light. These cinnamon french toast bites do just that by taking a breakfast favorite and moving it solidly into the dessert category. These cubes of delicious golden french toast are rightly described as almost like mini doughnuts but healthier. While it might be a bit of a stretch to call these bites healthy in their own right, when compared to regular doughnuts, I can see their point. These bites are sautéed not deep fried which drastically reduces the calorie count. Careful though, these sugary treats are addictive and it’s easy to fall into the “just one more” trap. If you are someone who does want to know exactly what is in your dessert though, you are in luck; at the bottom of every recipe on the blog is a table of nutrition facts. Another suggestion to keep the calorie count a little more manageable is to substitute maple syrup with a squirt of lemon juice. The bright acidic lemon flavor will go beautifully with the already sweet cinnamon sugar.

This recipe is just one part in a series of new ways to cook french toast from ‘Recipe Tin Eats’, an Australian blog that focuses on fresh and creative meals that can be cooked quickly and easily. Nagi, the blog’s creator is a world traveler and her recipes reflect her wide tastes and experiences. The ingredients you will need for this recipe include slightly stale white bread, eggs, milk, salt, white sugar, cinnamon powder, butter and maple syrup to serve (this is optional). A useful tip is that the thickness of each slice of bread is about the equivalent of two slices of sandwich bread. But you cut the crusts off so you lose a bit of bread. This cinnamon French toast bites recipe serves around three people. To start cut the crust off the bread, then cut each piece into equal cubes. Then whisk the eggs, milk and salt in a medium bowl. Combine sugar and cinnamon in a shallow bowl. Melt some butter in a fry pan over medium high heat making sure you don't let the butter brown. You can serve this delicious cinnamon French toast bites recipe with some warm maple syrup if you'd like.

Another reason to love french toast is that it is a food that reduces waste. Bread can go stale really fast and it really is a shame to throw it away. Recipes like french toast actually call for stale bread which is better at absorbing the custard mix that fresh bread. Recipes like this remind us that foods that have “gone bad” are most often not inedible they just may not be able to be used in ways that we are used to. Next time, before you throw out a piece of food, check around online to see if there are delicious recipes you could use it in instead. Not only will this reduce your household waste but your shopping bills as well.

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