Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Are you ready for a recipe that will knock your socks off? Well here it is folks, a recipe for a cinnamon monkey bread. Now, I don't know about you, but before this I've never actually heard of cinnamon monkey bread... and while I still don't exactly know what the connection to monkeys are, but none the less, I am very glad I've had the opportunity to get introduced to such a mouth watering dessert. Now on the website it says that this is a great snack or breakfast, and while I know many people enjoy cinnamon bread in the morning, it's not exactly something I would want my kids eating for thing after waking up... Unless you don't mind them acting like monkeys of course!

There are only 5 ingredients in this super simple recipe, there's brown sugar, white sugar, butter, buttermilk biscuit dough, and cinnamon. I mean those are all delicious for a dessert recipe, but when it comes to breakfast it's probably best to get a little more nutrition. But to each their own, I'm not judging if you want to eat this when you wake up! It is scrumptious after all.

This recipe has been shared on Facebook more than 18,000 times so you know most people are loving it. It's great because it's incredibly simple to whip up. Since you're using the buttermilk biscuit dough, a lot of the prep time is cut since you don't have to make a batter from scratch. You can usually find this dough at most supermarkets, but if you're feeling extra peppy feel free to go ahead and whip some up from scratch. All you need to do once you have the dough is cut it into big chunks, throw them into a big ziploc bag with some of the sugar and cinnamon to make sure it's all evenly coated. Once that's set, you can heat up the rest of the sugar along with the butter in the microwave or on the stove top. Once that's all set, transfer the dough into a bundt pan and pour your sugary mixture on top. That's it for the prepping steps. Now you just pop it into a heated oven for 35 minutes and you're on your way to enjoying a nice sugary, delicious cinnamon monkey bread!

This article is featured on the "12 Tomatoes" website where the Facebook commenting system is built in, so you can add a comment or read through what everyone else is saying. Let me tell you it's all good stuff though! Now whether you enjoy this recipe for breakfast like some do, or you choose to make it as a scrumptious dessert, one thing is for sure - it will be absolutely incredible. I'm excited to try it out for myself, despite the fact that my kids might act like monkeys later, it will be worth it. Especially if I feed it to them before sending them to grandmas. Just click on one of the links in the article to get redirected to the "12 Tomatoes" website and get ready to be transported to dessert heaven once you make this !

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