What better way to brighten up your afternoon while hanging out with your friends then to serve them some cinnamon roll cupcakes with their coffee or tea. This is also perfect for a tea party with your ladies and even the kids. It is impossible not to appreciate the delicious goodness this pastry bring once the cinnamon starts melting in your mouth. You don’t have to go out of the house to buy the expensive designer cupcakes these days because with the help of this recipe you can make them yourself.

In just a couple of hours of prep and baking time, you can serve this decadent pastry to your loved ones. The recipe makes about 2 dozen of these cupcakes from the simple instructions. Your basic ingredients include yeast, granulated sugar, milk, eggs, melted butter, salt, flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and some cream cheese. Make sure that you have all these in your kitchen before your start mixing.

If you worry about calories, just remember to eat it in moderation and be sure there is someone to share with. You can easily burn the calories away when you exercise. These cinnamon roll cupcakes also make the perfect gift for just about any occasion. If you are business savvy, or just attend a lot of bake sales, then you can sell these cupcakes at your next event. Why not master the recipe and join the other ambitious bakers starting their own cupcake shops? Cupcakes are a classic dessert and combine this with cinnamon rolls for a winning combination.

One other reason that we love this recipe is because it uses cinnamon, which is has research showing that it may lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Well, enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Fruippe" website link below.

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