Classic Cheeseburger Soup

If you love a good All-American style cheeseburger, then this Classic Cheeseburger Soup recipe will be right up your alley. So often we get so set on our favourite soups, the ones we know are easy to make, and, of course, that taste great. Soup is not too difficult of a recipe to make, in fact, usually, you can have most soups ready in under an hour. Some take longer if you are choosing to make your own broth, which can take several hours or more. Making your own broth usually consists of boiling animal bones or vegetables in water to make either a bone broth or, if you are using vegetables, a vegetable broth. Both have their own health benefits; the bone broth has all of the nutrients that have been extracted from the bones and other parts of the animal. This bone broth you are left with is full of amazing nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are all concentrated in a delicious, easy to eat or drink liquid. The vegetable broth is the same, the vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables you boiled are extracted flavouring the water beautifully.

So even for this Classic Cheeseburger Soup recipe, you could make your own broth. The soup recipe calls for beef broth, which has a very hearty, rich flavour with many nutrients in it, especially rich in iron and zinc. Otherwise, you can always buy broth pre-made in the grocery store to use in the soup recipe, just be sure to read the labels and choose the broth with the least amount of sodium in it. These days, now that people are realizing the health benefits of decreasing sodium in their diets, you will find many products with reduced sodium, which is great. The beef broth makes the base of the soup and is mixed with the onion, cooked beef, celery and garlic, with the potatoes, to simmer until the potatoes are tender. Then the other recipe ingredients are added in, the tomatoes, cheese, tomato paste, ketchup and mustard are combined until the cheese melts, and then the milk goes into the mix, creating a nice, creamy soup. Good Dinner Mom the author of the recipe suggests using a variety of different condiments to top off your soup like pickles, - yes pickles, I couldn't believe it either, but she says it sounds gross but to trust her that it is actually good - then some fresh onions or scallions, black or green olives, crispy bacon crumbles, and of course some more shredded cheese like cheddar or bleu cheese. Some diced fresh tomatoes are also good with it. The other topping that sounds like the best part is the croutons or crostinis, which will be like your burger bun.

The crostinis can be made at home as well by taking a baguette, cutting it into rounds and toasting them in the oven on both sides with olive oil and herbs, and then either cutting the rounds into cubes and sprinkling them into the soup or using them whole to dip into the soup! Both would be great to do while eating this delicious sounding soup. The cheeseburger soup recipe has been around for a while, and is usually somewhat like this cheeseburger soup recipe featured here, but usually, it will have more of a broth like, transparent base. This recipe goes a step above and makes the broth nice and creamy. Sally, the curator and author of the Good Dinner Mom food blog, says it tastes JUST like biting into a big, fat and juicy cheeseburger, and we totally believe her! Try this great recipe out soon!

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