Classic Cucumber Tomato Salad

Its finally Spring! The days are warmer, the trees are in full bloom, and everything is buzzing with life - its absolutely wonderful!. With the Spring and then Summer season comes more fresh produce - vibrant vegetables, herbs, even edible flowers - all neatly aligned on tables side by side at local farmers markets. I absolutely love it. I love farmers markets because they are not only a great way to make sure you are eating seasonal food but its also an important effort one can make to support local farmers and businesses. After all, solidifying that sense of community or interconnectedness is just so so important. Wouldn't you agree? You also know where your food is coming from and can be assured that those vegetables will in fact be organic and not sprayed with all those awful pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

With Summer time offerings, of course comes recipes and food creations which highlight and showcase what Mother Nature has brought to the season. Its a time of year where our plates are decorated with not only bright colours but of course bright and vibrant flavours. Bright red juicy tomatoes, emerald green peppers, gloriously rich raspberries, oh I could go on and on. I love this time of year so much because food is in my opinion, the most healthy, making us ever so resilient and full of energy and life!

A great all purpose and definitely all-pleasing salad to have ready at any BBQ gathering, picnic, luncheon, even just something you can take to work is a classic cucumber and tomato salad. Cucumbers are definitely a summer time food, cool and refreshing, and by the way really really good for you. And tomatoes, well we all know these beauties are packed with vitamins and great for our heart! You can jazz up just the two of these ingredients with different fresh herbs, even a splash of lemon juice, and voila, a perfect light and satisfying meal!

This salad recipe is so easy to do, it doesn't take a lot of vegetable to make. What really makes this simple salad recipe extra special is the salad dressing recipe that is on the site. Some of the ingredients you will need for this salad dressing recipe are salt and pepper to taste, some fresh dill, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. You can also add a little Dijon mustard in, and some maple syrup for a little added sweetness. You can mix the salad dressing ingredients in a small mason jar with the lid on, and shake until it's all mixed, that's it, so easy to do, but extra delicious. Whether you eat this simple salad as a meal, or just have it on the side, you will enjoy the crunchy freshness of the veggies you use, and the tang of this easy to do salad dressing. Salads aren't just to eat in the summer, in some cities you have farmers markets that go al year long, and what veggies you can't get there, you can alway buy at your grocery store.

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