Clean & Deodorize Your Refrigerator Naturally

The refrigerator is the single most important appliance in the kitchen. It is the thing that keeps the food fresh. You can do without many new fancy kitchen appliances, but not the fridge. Before and after a big celebration, our refrigerator is full of an abundant variety of foods. Keeping it fresh what this featured article from One Good Thing by Jillie is about. We do know that buying some artificial deodorizing solution for the refrigerator can be quite dangerous since you are dealing with, food and the food is something that you eat. However, there is always an answer for every solution. In this article, you will learn how to deodorize your refrigerator using chemical-free agents.

What you need is vinegar, water, lemon oil and a glass spray bottle. There is a technique to the cleaning process but it is very simple.

You will discover the glass jar that Jillee advertises on her web page. It is a mason jar with a variety of lids. A great product that you can check out a bit later.

There are still hundreds of ways you can clean your refrigerator the non-chemical ways. Different people have different styles of cleaning. You might want to exchange your ideas to anyone out there who, like you, have experienced cleaning their own refrigerator in a simple, chemical-free ways.

Apart from the vinegar, you can also utilize baking soda to remove tough stain stuck on your refrigerator. On the other hand, to remove bad odor you can use charcoal and coffee grounds which if place in your refrigerator overnight and by the next day the odors are gone. Both the coal and coffee has proven to be effective in absorbing odors.

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