Clean These Hard to Clean Items The Easy Way... SO CLEVER!

If your schedule is hectic, you will appreciate learning ways to make a few extra minutes count. I enjoy reading about "life hacks" and ways to save time on cleaning the house! When I find ways to Clean These Hard to Clean Items The Easy Way - I have to share them! for example: In the morning, as you rush off to work, after you make your breakfast shake using bananas, fruit, yogurt and a bit of spinach - simply put a cup of warm water in the blender with a bit of dish soap and blend, and after a quick rinse, your blender is clean. Ta-da, less mess and fuss and it took seconds to clean. Also, you can sanitize your kitchen sponge by running it through the dishwasher or microwaving it on high for a minute or two while it is damp. Vinegar and lemons to clean the kitchen, along with baking soda is always good to have on hand. Some little tips and tricks are to freeze herbs in olive oil, so when you need to add them to a frying pan, they are handy and still taste fresh, or to use leftover lemon peels for cleaning.

Here's a great grease stain fixer, you never have to worry about grease stains ruining your clothes again. This simple trick is a real clothes saver. So the next time you spill some grease, or get some oil splattered on your favorite shirt, just grab a piece of chalk and rub the chalk all over the area on the shirt that is stained, then wipe the chalk off of the clothing with a cloth and your clothes will be grease free! Next time you need to clean your coffee grinder/spice grinder just run a table spoon of baking soda through the machine, and wipe clean and you won't believe how great it looks!

Even seconds saved helps, in our very busy lives. When you need to clean the oven, don't scrub it for hours, just leave a bit of ammonia in a bowl in the cold oven overnight, and just wipe the oven clean in the morning. Another tip I like is to cut up a lemon or a grapefruit and have it soaking in a bathtub while you bathe. As you are draining the water, simply add a bit more baking soda to the lemon half and then scrub the sides of the tub so rings will appear. If you add baking soda to your bath water, your skin becomes soft and smooth, and it helps prevent the bath rings from forming.

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