Clean Your Toilet Easily In Only Three Minutes

Toilet cleaning is a job you want to be over quick, you would also probably prefer it to be easy and effortless too, right? Then check out this great tutorial from Clean My Space on how to clean your toilet easily in only three minutes. In only three minutes you'll be able to have the whole toilet spotless so it really doesn't have to be a huge ordeal or a messy and gross process. Most people don't like cleaning the toilet, but it's a job that must be done. If you like a clean home, you'll probably give your toilet a good cleaning at least once every week. The toilet is important to clean for obvious reasons due to every day use, but also to get rid of any hard water deposits that can build up on the sides and possibly stain your toilet pretty badly. If you've ever seen those brownish rings around the toilet bowl that just never seem to come off no matter how hard you scrub, those are usually lime or calcium deposits. In hard water there are several different minerals that create despots like this when they are allowed to sit for too long. Usually something like citric acid would be able to take these stains off, or another acidic cleaner like vinegar.

To prevent these stains, toilet cleaning is important to be regular about, as well as flushing the toilet regularly. Now, toilets are able to be eco friendly, not using as much water as they used to per flush. There are toilets that have an option for a full flush or a half flush which keeps the water moving, but it doesn't require a lot of water with each flush you make. The cleaning tips presented in the video by Melissa of Clean My Space, are very easy to follow and provide great results. You don't need very many supplies to accomplish this cleaning task either. Just a toilet brush, natural toilet cleaner, a spray cleaner, some paper towel and a tooth brush specifically for cleaning your toilet. You can use gloves to clean your toilet if you wish, and one of Melissa's cleaning tips is to make sure you use different colored gloves when cleaning different areas of the house. So for the kitchen have yellow gloves and for the bathroom have blue gloves for example. Using paper towel is a good way to prevent cross contamination of germs and bacteria, since you can just throw out the paper towel after you're done. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, of course use recycled paper towel, or, you can use reusable cloths that you can throw straight into the washing machine right after you use them.

Melissa shows us how to spray the toilet from top to bottom and work our way from the top to the base of the toilet. Many people forget about cleaning the base of the toilet and behind the toilet, but it's important to do that if you want a well cleaned bathroom. The paper towel also comes in handy to wipe up any hair and dust that may get stuck on the toilet as you're cleaning it as you can always just grab a new one if the other towel gets too dirty. You end by cleaning the toilet bowl last and one of the other cleaning tips she shares is to leave your toilet brush sitting on the ledge of the toilet, in-between the seat and the toilet bowl ledge to dry off before you put it back in the holder. You can also give it a quick rinse and spray before you return it too. Put this tutorial to the test and see if you can get your toilet clean in 3 minutes.***

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