Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Tile Grout - Easy, Best Way And No Harsh Chemical

You will want to see this cleaning tip: how to clean tile grout - easy, best way and no harsh chemical! Bathroom mildew and mold has to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Those of us who live in damper climates especially are constantly battling the growth of mildew. It is hard to keep your bathroom dry with daily showers steaming up the walls. Not only are mold and mildew unsightly they can also lead to health and respiratory issues. Tiles in the shower or on the bathroom floor can create a particular challenge when mildew grows into the grout between the tiles. This problem can quickly get out of control, and you'll want a quick and easy grout cleaning tip. If you have tile grout that has become overgrown with mold or mildew, here are some easy cleaning tips you can take to get your grout looking clean and bright again.

For this grout cleaning tip all you will need is a couple of items you probably already have in your home. Go and grab yourself a box of baking soda and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. You can pick them up at your grocery store, and they won't cost you a lot. For this home cleaning tip you will also need a small scrub brush, an old fingernail brush or toothbrush should do the trick. Start by pouring a bit of the peroxide along the line of the grout and use the brush to scrub it lightly and distribute it over the grout. Next sprinkle some of the baking soda over the peroxide and start scrubbing along the grout line. For this house cleaning idea you want to work the mixture into the grout, adding more peroxide if it gets too dry. Continue scrubbing and adding additional baking soda and peroxide until you have covered all of your grout lines.

Allow the floor, counter or shower to dry then sweep or vacuum the dry baking soda. Then mop or wipe down the surface, and you will see an amazing difference in the color of your grout. The dark mildew stains will be gone, and your grout will be clean and bright again. This cleaning tip is non toxic, and so easy to do, you'll be amazed at how nice your floor looks again!

This is just one of the cleaning tips you will find on the YouTube site. Here you will find plenty of step by step cleaning tip video tutorials that will help you with a variety of cleaning ideas from cleaning floor grout, a home remedy for cleaning tile and grout, how to use vinegar as a cleaning solution, all natural cleaning ideas to help you, non toxic cleaning solutions and more. Most people don't want to use expensive and toxic cleaners to help them with their home cleaning projects.

YouTube has more ideas than you can imagine to help with non toxic cleaning solutions for every area in your house. The nice thing is that most of these non toxic cleaning tips can be done with ingredients that you already have in your cabinets. And if you don't have the ingredients already, you can go out and purchase them, and most of the time they won't cost you a lot. Simple non toxic ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are all that you need for a lot of these easy to do cleaning solutions.

It's hard to imagine what we would do without the step by step cleaning solution video tutorials on YouTube. Once you discover some of the easy to do home cleaning solutions, you will find yourself going back time and time again, to help you find cleaning solutions for your at home cleaning projects. Other cleaning tips you will find on the site include how to clean soap scum off shower doors, how to make a home grout cleaner and more.

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