CLIMBERS ARE AWESOME !!!!! 10 Years Compilation of Crazy Awesome Climbing

I don't care if you like rock climbing or not, this video should be watched by everyone, just for the pure reason to appreciate what these athletes can really do. Climbing not only requires a physical strenght in the legs, back, shoulders, wrists, cores and above all feet and fingers, but it requires a mental strength that does not exist in many other sports. It is a solo sport in some ways, but you have to have so much innate trust in your partner (belayer) as one wrong careless move from them on the ground, and you life can take a bad turn. The amount of focus and concentration found in the climbers mind would be an interesting thing to study one day with the use of electrodes like they do for meditation. It would be fascinating to compare different extreme sports to see who is the MOST focused, and I would bet that rock climbing would be in the top 3 at least. I know personally that the moment that my fingers hit a rock face and there is no rope above (only below) that every thing that I was worrying about in my regular life slips away like a wet egg into the stream of universl consciousness and all that exists is me and the rock. My and that move. That moment.

To get a glimpse into this intense world, watch the video below for a 1 year compilation of some of the most insane and awesome climbing you will ever see. The climbers in this video range from young to old, men to women, and in all the most spectacular climbing locations in the world.

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