Coffee Cinnamon Rolls

Everyone has at least one favorite dessert recipe, one they have been baking and preparing for years, often something passed down from generation to generation, it could be cookies, cake, pie or pastries. These "Coffee Cinnamon Rolls," look amazing, and I'am sure the house will smell even better when these are baking. Cinnamon rolls are definitely one of those dessert foods that you can smell baking from a mile away! They have been a part of American baking culture for a very long time and go back even further into history, when they were actually first made in Sweden. The Swedish made these rolls fairly similarly to how they are made now, but they add some cardamom to the rolls which gives them a very distinctive flavour. They are so simple to make as well, which is why they are so great, they are basically just a bread dough, that is rolled up with a cinnamon sugar spread and then either left as a sticky bun, or topped with cream cheese icing!

The Perfectly Sprinkled, Making The Ordinary Extraordinary website by 22 year old, Karissa Krishart, who lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, and loves baking. The self taught baker and cook, did so by reading lots of baking and cooking recipe books, watching cooking shows, through baking and cooking she has developed her own recipes. Karissa hart also runs another blog called Sweet as a Cookie, so this girl is busy cooking and baking all these excellent recipes. Krishart has a wish list on Amazon, of cooking and baking books that she hopes she can add to her kitchen collection, and maybe if you see it, you can get some inspiration for things you may want to add to your culinary tool belt. Baking is so much fun, no wonder there are so many awesome blogs about it and people who love to share their recipes online. It's so wonderful that we have all of these great recipes right at our finger tips!

These coffee cinnamon rolls are part of Krishart's coffee week on the site with chocolate chunk coffee cookies recipe, coffee sugar cookies recipe, boozy iced coffee recipe, and coffee muffins recipe. These giant coffee cinnamon rolls start of with the making of the dough, and the filling (brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and instant coffee granules), the dough is prepared and covered to rise for about an hour. Next the dough recipe is rolled out into a rectangle and covered with the filling recipe, the dough and filling are rolled into a log, and cut into large equal rolls with either a pastry cutter or floss. The cinnamon rolls are then placed in to greased pan, and again left to rise for about an hour. Next step in the recipe is to preheat the oven to 375 degrees F, where you will then place the cinnamon rolls in for baking.

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