Coffee Scrub Homemade Cellulite Treatment

Drinking coffee in proper amount is good for our health. It is an antioxidant and an energy booster. It keeps us alert and mentally active everyday because of its caffeine content. It is one of the best stimulant ingredients and according to some scientific study, coffee can minimize the risk of getting different kind of disease like Parkinson's disease, cancer and diabetes. Did you also know that other than drinking coffee or using it as an ingredient in your favorite dessert you can use coffee to enhance your skin? Well, If you are interested then let's move on how to make a homemade coffee scrub cellulite treatment.

If you are the type of person that spends money and time using a clinic to help reduce your cellulite you may like to give this home treatment a try. Why not make your own coffee scrub! If you have at least 30 minutes of time you can make a paste of coarsely ground coffee, hot water and olive or rosemary oil. Always protect your flour by lining it with old newspapers so you don't leave any unwanted coffee stains during your treatment. Rub your mixture on with a circular motion, wrap the area you apply it to with kitchen plastic wrap then just relax while you wait the 30 minutes. This 30 minutes can be spent reading a book, or watching your favorite TV show, or just meditating while the treatment does its work. When time is up you can just rinse it off with warm or cool water. This treatment will make your skin feel softer and softer and over time, take note on if you see cellulite being reduced.

There are a a few homemade anti cellulite treatments here that you can read about. Another favorite is and apple cider vinegar-detox. With homemade treatments, they are very inexpensive and they won't do you any harm so why not give them a try!

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