Coke Reveals Its Secret: It May Need To Carry A Cancer Warning

The Coca-Cola company has gone through many transformations since its humble beginnings, and it's potentially going to go through yet another big change. Coke reveals its secret: it may need to carry a cancer warning. You read that right. Although it has been confirmed many times that coke contains ingredients that are clearly not good for the human body, now it might even need to have a label with a cancer warning because of one of its ingredients which is stirring up a lot of controversy. It's still unclear whether it will actually happen, but it's in the works. While the amount of sugar in Coke alone is enough for many people to stay clear of this popular beverage, the actual recipe itself remains a well kept secret that apparently only two executives know. The article even states that these two executives are not aloud to fly in the same plane in case it goes down and the secret dies with them.

Of all the secret ingredients in Coke, some have been found out by different chemical analyses and even some evidence found in an old newspaper which was tracked down by a radio reporter. But the recipe still for the most part, remains a secret. Except for this one controversial ingredient which gives it it's distinctive caramel colour. This is all being done by the U.S. whereas countries in Europe and the UK have deemed this ingredient safe and will not be taking part in the new labeling process. This ingredient is in fact a part of many recipes for things like gravies, beer, baked goods and more food products. One company stated that in order for this ingredient to be toxic to humans, one would have to drink the equivalent of 1, 000 cans in a day. So that is quite a lot of Coke to have to ingest, but, still, you want to be discerning about what you are putting into your body. This doesn't me never ever drink Coke if you like it, but just don't drink it every day! The effects of soda on the body are really harsh, and resemble a cocaine high, some studies have shown.

Many people have known this for years, and have been trying to get people to get off of the soda drinks, or at least have them think twice about drinking them so much. All of the sugar that is in these drinks is more than even the recommended daily value for what a human needs to survive. So, we have to rule out what is necessity and what is excess, that which we don't need in our bodies. It's no wonder that so many people have cancer, they are not eating real food! Soda is not food, it doesn't nourish our bodies, it is actually a poison, as this article will tell you. So be conscious of what you put in your body! This will likely not be the last time you hear about this, but you can read the entire article for yourself on the "World Observer Online" website.

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