Colorado Springs Quickly Becoming Tiny Housing Capital of America as Trend Takes Off

Colorado Springs is quickly becoming the tiny housing capital of America as this trend takes off. With real estate markets taking off in Colorado Springs, local builders are thinking a lot these days about tiny house designs. Instead of using trenches and foundations, builders these days are making 180-square-foot luxury tiny homes on top of trailers. Colorado Springs is home to the largest manufacturer of tiny house designs in America and quickly becoming the center for tiny home designs. The market for tiny house designs and tiny house builders is growing quickly as more and more people learn about tiny house designs through word of mouth, magazine and shows like Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV. Also, builders are being encouraged to build tiny house designs while the real estate market recovers across the country.

Before you go out and purchase a tiny house design, you want to do your research at look at local laws regarding the smaller homes. You will want to look into things like minimum square footage that designates a building as a permanent home, as some places have a minimum size of home you may live in. You want to know if you can legally park your tiny home on wheels on the property you are considering. You also want to know if you can park you tiny house on wheels on the property in question without a permanent dwelling being present there, and whether or not you can make it your full-time home. You also want to research if local zoning laws permit accessory dwellings such as tiny houses on trailers and if so what the minium requirements for square footage are. You will also need to find out if the accessory dwelling needs to be built on a permanent foundation. If you are not tied into the existing sewage system, you will want to find out what the local waste water (black and gray) laws are in the area. Also, check into whether or not you can have your tiny house design insured, some insurance companies aren't on top of tiny house design just yet.

If living in a tiny house design on wheels is something that you are thinking about, you will want to do your tiny house research beforehand. You will need to know where you can park and live in your tiny house design on wheels. Depending where you live there will be specific zoning laws with regards to tiny home designs. Zoning laws may differ from one municipality to the next, and can even differ from one part of the city to another area. You always want to know the exact laws before you build your tiny house design. You want to be prepared to either move where you can have a tiny house on wheels or consider lobbying the government to make changes. You want to know things like if you can legally park on the property you are considering, and whether or not you can live with your tiny home design full time throughout the four seasons. You want to know the local zoning laws and whether they permit accessory dwelling like a tiny house design on a trailer, and if so what the minimum requirements for square footage are. Properly doing your research will ensure that you are not faced with any surprises along the way.

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