Come and Take a Look Inside this Splendid Little Tiny House

In this video, you get the chance to take a look inside a tiny house design, to see both the exterior and the tiny house interior design details. This tiny cabin design called the Dreamwood is a beautifully designed space inside and out. The exterior of this tiny cabin design has board and batten stained siding, with dark trim that compliments the wood color. When you walk inside you enter the common area that is finished with an accent wall that uses red oak that runs from floor to ceiling. The red oak accent wall goes all the way from the kitchen all the way to the other end of the common area. There is plenty of room in the living room area that has a loveseat, and comfy chair, flat screen television and there is also a closet in this area for extra storage. The kitchen area in this tiny cabin design has a full granite slab for the countertop, with the stainless steel sink in the middle of it. The kitchen also has full sized stainless steel appliances to include a microwave above the full-size stove/oven and a refrigerator. This tiny house design also has a full-size dishwasher. The Dreamwood tiny cabin design has 9-foot ceilings, so you don't feel like you are in a tiny house space, the overall feel of the place is spacious and bright with plenty of natural light that comes in from the many windows.

The tiny house design has a lot of custom shelving for storage. Down the hallway are a full sized washer and dryer combo. The hall also has custom shelves built in. Then you walk further down the hallway to the bathroom that has a composting toilet, a full sized shower with porcelain tile and river rock inlay, niche for all your accessories, powered by a tankless water heater and river rock floor. So the minute you turn on the water you will hear the water heater fire up, the water heater is hidden and heats up the water within seconds. The shower has a beautiful river rock floor. The bathroom also has granite countertop with board and batten on the ceiling. As long as you have water and LP-gas you will never run out of hot water. Nowhere in this tiny house design do you feel cramped, especially with the high ceilings and good use of windows, doors and sliding glass doors.

Then you go into the private bedroom with a privacy door. There is a nice window for natural light, a back door, and a sliding glass door. The bed in the bedroom is a handmade Murphy bed. There are a couple of closets for storage and shelves. There is also a Murphy desk that folds up, so it leaves plenty of space when the bed and desk are folded up. There is a flat screen television in this space. The floor throughout this tiny cabin design is 5/8 bamboo, with a hand scraped pattern on top. These floors are extremely durable and appealing. You will want to take a look at the video to see the entire tour of this beautiful tiny cabin design. If tiny house living is something you like, this video is sure to offer up plenty of ideas that you could incorporate into your tiny house design.

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