Come See This Tiny House at Metro Motorcycles in Neenah at Just $8500

Come see this tiny house at Metro Motorcycles in Neenah at just $8500. If you're interested in having a tiny house to call home, check out this great little house featured on Tiny House Wisconsin's Facebook page. The tiny house measures 8.5 feet by 16 feet, with 4 foot porch on a 20 foot bed trailer, which is the average size for tiny cabins on wheels. The tiny house design definitely has a cabin-like feel, with all of the natural wood siding and the timbers and logs used to make the porch and the overhang above the door. This would be a great option for those who want that little cabin in the woods feel, without having to invest in a property and a stationary house. This tiny house design would be able to move wherever the owner wanted to move it and would be able to be parked wherever RVs can be parked. It's like the upgraded version of the RV, meant to feel more like a real cabin or home build with natural materials, rather than the synthetic materials that RV units are usually built from. The wood gives it a really homey feel.

On this cabin there is a front door entrance, as well as a few windows to let light in. Another model from Tiny House Wisconsin has a couple of shed style doors on the back and one on the side of the house for extra ventilation. The cute little shutters on the windows have evergreen trees carved and painted into them, giving them a nice, custom touch that again, adds a real log cabin style. The price is amazing for this tiny house on wheels, for only $8500 it could be yours to enjoy as you please. People living in tiny cabins on wheels full time have them because they have to move around a lot for work, or because they just want to simplify their life, or save money for a piece of property or a larger dream home. When looking at tiny house cost, this one is definitely a very affordable option. There are companies selling prebuilt tiny houses on wheels for up to $50,000 or more depending on the finishes and the size. There are some luxury tiny houses on wheels that include beautiful chandeliers, high end furniture and state of the art appliances that would cost much more than $50,000. But, when you compare tiny house cost to the cost of a conventional home, it's very affordable actually. For the price of a brand new vehicle, you can have a home to live in.

Many banks are also starting to give out loans on tiny houses on wheels depending on where you live. You can also use your own credit to buy the tiny house and then make a plan to pay it back over a few years. Some tiny house builders help out by offering financing to their customers. The tiny house cost of building your own tiny house design could be lower than having someone build it for you, since you won't be paying for labour and you can source more affordable materials. Many people find great salvage or recycled materials that save them hundreds of dollars on their build, plus, they are able to recycle materials that may have been thrown away. For example, wooden shipping crates made from plywood can be repurposed as sheathing for the outside walls and the roof of a tiny house on wheels. Some people also sell their left over building materials from a building project and only have a small amount left over, which can be great for building a smaller house.***

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