Cookies N Cream Magic Bars

Can’t get enough of your favorite cookies and cream dessert? Everyone loves Oreo cookies and Hershey’s kisses. Me too! Are you looking for a dessert recipe for your kids and the whole family? What perfect timing! Here is a magical recipe for everyone to enjoy. Are you itching with curiosity on what is it called? Here are the Cookies and Cream Magic Bars. Sweet, tasty and magical bars for everyone to enjoy.

Here is a little information about our favorite cookies and cream. Cookies and cream are a variety of ice cream and milkshake based on flavoring from chocolate cookies. It uses sweet cream ( often vanilla) and chocolate wafer cookies of any type. Cookies and cream are widely associated with Oreo cookies. How did it all happen? There are some debates as to who invented the first invented and marketed the cookies and cream. In 1978, Huggs Mcshane of Portland Oregon experimented with new ice cream flavors. He put Oreo cookies in the vanilla mixture as it started to harden in the ice cream maker. In 1982, John Harrison claims he first invented cookies and cream. In 1980, Blue Bell Creameries claims that they were the ones who first marketed cookies and cream. In 1983, Cookies and Cream became the top five best selling ice cream.

For this recipe, you will need Oreo cookies and Hershey’s kisses. Based from my experience, Oreo cookies give a cookies and cream flavor when mixed in a cream. I have never used Hershey’s kisses before but I bet they will add more cookies and cream flavor. As we all know, Hershey’s kisses are famous for its distinct shape. It is commonly described as the tear drop flat-bottomed shape. It is wrapped in squares of lightweight aluminum foils with a narrow strip of paper protruding on the top.

Baking time is 24-26 minutes until you see its golden brown. Watch over the time and do not over bake your bars or they will not taste good. Make sure to follow preheating instructions carefully and use the necessary ingredients to yield the best tasting magical cookies and cream bars. What are you waiting for? Try this recipe now!

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