Copycat Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Cheesecake is totally a favorite dessert for many people. This copycat vanilla bean cheesecake looks seriously amazing and seems pretty simple to make, as far as cheesecakes go. This vanllia bean cheescake uses real, whole vanilla bean pods with the beans extracted for the vanilla flavor, so the taste will be really potent. The vanilla extract doesn't compare to using the real whole vanilla pod, and a lot of times, the vanilla flavor extracted from the pods, is usually mixed wit alcohol which makes it more diluted. So this recipe will have a nice, prominent vanilla bean flavor that you wouldn't be able to get with regular store bought vanilla extract. It looks and sounds like it would be amazing! Perfect for a birthday, or any other celebration really.

Amy, the author over at Amy in the Kitchen, wrote this recipe to share with all of us, so that we can enjoy it as much as her family does. She tells us that her kids love this so much that a couple of them request it for their birthday cake each year. She really doesnn't mind making it because she loves it just as much as her kids do! The recipe is really simple to put together and she offers up some other tips to help it go smoothly. Like lining the edges of the spring form pan the cheesecake goes into with parchment paper, so that it comes out of the pan without breaking. Did you know that a super simple way to cut cheese cake, is to use un flavoured dental floss? Good idea right?

This recipe is a little different from original cheesecake as it has a white chocolate mousse on top as well as whipped cream. Now that makes for a decadent cake! You can also put fruit on the top of it if you like, which would add to the recipe a lot. I imagine it tastes like a vanilla bean frappicino from Starbucks or something along those lines. The flavor combinations would be awesome! Once you make it the first time, your family will also be requesting it from you all the time!

Cheese cake has been around for a while actually, and was not actually invented in New York as some people think it was. It was actually a really popular dessert in the ancient days of Greece. The Romans eventually took it from them and adapted it as their own recipe after the Roman invasion. So cheese cake has been being made for over 4,000 years! The British claim that it was invented there, and have a differnt version of the recipe as well. They mostly use buttered vanilla cookies for the base and the same cream cheese filling, but they don't bake it and usually put fruit on top of it with a gelatin type of topping. Try out this awesome vanilla bean cheesecake recipe for yourself! Head over to 'Amy in the Kitchen' to get the great recipe for this epic vanilla bean cheesecake! Happy Baking!

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