Could Restoring Rusty Old Pots and Pans Really Be This Simple?

You will want to take a look at this kitchen cleaner trick of Restoring Rusty Old Cast Iron Pots & Pans With Fire & Vegetable Oil. This video tutorial shows how you can take a rusty old cast iron frying pan or pot and make it look like new again, by putting it into a fire over a bed of coals and letting it burn out the rust. This kitchen cleaner tip is amazing and won't cost a lot as it uses all natural kitchen cleaners to bring the pot back to life. You never know when you might come across a great cast iron pot or pan, you might find one stored away in your house, or you might find one at a garage sale and wonder if it is worth purchasing. This video tutorial shows the whole kitchen cleaner process of just tossing the cast iron cookware onto a bed of coals that are allowed to burn out. Once the flames were down the pot was put into the fire. The fire burns off all of the rust, filth, and oils. It turns everything in the pot to a light dusting of ash. When the coals burn down, you can safely remove the cast iron cookware and let it cool down. Using some paper towels and some vegetable oil you can begin to wipe out the ash from the frying pan or pot. You will be amazed at how effectively the fire burnt off the dirt, grime, and rust off of the cast iron cookware. You ca then wash the cast iron cookware with some soap and water, and then put the pan in a hot oven or stove top to dry it off right away.

Another kitchen cleaner for cast iron frying pans is kosher salt. You can just toss some kosher salt into a cast iron skillet and start scrubbing. This natural kitchen cleaners idea is simply a paste out of the kosher salt, and you have one of the best natural kitchen cleaners you will find. Cast iron pots and pans have been around for a long time and are known to have excellent heat retention properties. Seasoning cast iron is used to protect bare cast iron cookware from rusting and to create a non-stick surface. There is a wide variety of bare cast iron cookware that can include Dutch ovens, waffle irons, panini presses, crepe makers, deep fryers, frying pans, woks, flattop grills, and griddles. You will find that cast iron cookware has been used for cooking for over two thousand years.

Thanks to the folks at "The Do It Yourself World" YouTube channel for sharing this kitchen cleaner tip on how to clean your rusty old cast iron pots and pans with fire and vegetable oil. This is just one of the kitchen cleaner and natural kitchen cleaners tips you will find on the site. "The Off Grid Project" initially began as a live in the experiment about getting off- the grid on a budget. The site started in 2012 and had evolved into a daily vlog of off-grid life. The creator of the site is currently building a tiny house on wheels deep in the forest and off-grid. The tiny house has solar power, a rainwater collection system, waste disposal, gardening, foraging and food storage. The goal of this off-grid project is to show people how to go off-grid on a budget. On "The Do It Yourself World" site you will also find a collection of experiments in survival, foraging, off-grid living, electronics, and alternate energy. The site can help you build your solar panels at home, how to restore lead acid batteries on your own, how to convert a common table fan into a power generating wind turbine, and so much more. *

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