Country Style BBQ Ribs Recipe

Here we have a recipe for Country Style BBQ Ribs. These ribs are cooked on the grill. They are marinated overnight in a delicious finger-licking sauce and cooked for just over an hour until they reach that perfect state we all expect from ribs.

Barbecuing is often the 'Man's Thing'. Why is it men love to cook on a BBQ, but you can't get them to show the same enthusiasm in the kitchen? Well, the ladies are not going to complain, and if BBQ-ing is your mans thing then you will want to be sure to have a look at this recipe.

Spring is almost here in North America, and it won't be long before the great aromas will be detected coming from the back yard BBQ's. As soon as the weather is warm the outdoor cooking begins.

Lets talk a little bit about getting that grill ready for this season. Before you fire it up for the first time, be sure to clean the grate. Use a wire brush. Old burnt on residue will affect the flavor of the new foods you are cooking. It is a good idea to lightly brush some vegetable oil on the grate before you place your meat on. This will help to prevent sticking. Outdoor cooking times are less exact then cooking in an oven as the BBQ's vary so much in holding their temperatures. Be sure you keep an eye on what you are cooking and don't just leave it unattended for long periods of time. Some foods take longer to cook than others and using the grill will trap the heat in. Don't put the sauce on too soon as the sugars in the sauces will cause the meats to burn before they are cooked through. Be organized with your cooking tools. When the cooking is done, shut off the valve that leads the gas into the BBQ.

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