County Fair Funnel Cakes

We have all had them at one point or another... those delicious huge pancake-like desserts from the fair. Well now you can make these country fair funnel cakes anytime you like! These seem to be a staple of fairs, carnivals and festivals. When you see one, you just have to have one. The minute you see someone else eating one, you just get a reflex that you have to go and eat one. They are just that good. I remember going to Paramount Canada's Wonderland, when I was a kid, and these were THE best thing that everyone got when we went. I personally just loved going on the rides so much that I could skip having one until the end. My mom and I would always have to split one, because they were so huge! We loved the strawberry one of course, that would be the one I would try again, or a cherry one.

Funnel cakes are so awesome, because they are like a crepe, or a pancake, fried up and then loaded with a saucy topping of berries, apples, or even chocolate, and icing sugar, and topped with whipped cream. It is seriously awesome! But they are so huge! They could just make them a bit smaller even, but that is not the point of fairs and carnivals, they have the mentality that you should go big or go home. The other dessert that I have tried that is kind of like this, is something called an Elephant Ear. Its essentially the same thing, but there is cinnamon and sugar covering the whole thing. You could even do that with these funnel cakes too. They are called Elephant Ears because they are shaped like an elephant ear! Funnel cakes are called as such, because you use a funnel to pour the batter into the frying pan to fry up!

You basically mix up all of the simple ingredients, that are pretty much the same ingredients for pancakes, and then fill a fry pan with oil. You then carefully pour in the batter through a funnel, in a swirly pattern, you don't need to be specific, just make sure that you get enough batter in the oil but not too much. If you have trouble with this part there are lots of great videos on youtube that show you how to pour the batter in the oil and cook the cakes. It is actually so easy and affordable to make these funnel cakes, that you will realize how those amusement parks and fairs make all of their money, charging $5 - $7 for them a piece! They might even be more now. These would be so fun to make for a birthday party, and have the kids add their own toppings. The would be awesome for a potluck, and so easy that you could just make them right there.

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