Cowboy Cookies

There is no real reason the "Cowboy Cookies" recipe name other than maybe they are so hearty and full of texture that after eating them you’ll be ready to go to work out on the ranch for a few hours. There are so many textures, flavors, and elements in every bite of this cookie recipe that you won't be able to have just one!

This cowboy cookies recipe is like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with the addition of shredded coconut for a delicious combination. Throw in some pecans and Cornflakes to this recipe and you'll fall in love. The pecans add a nice crunch while the Cornflakes add a lighter, crispier crunch. Between the crunchiness and the chewiness from the oats and coconut you have a winner. The creator of this recipe site is Averie and on her site you will find quick and easy recipes from dinners to desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life. Nothing too fussy or complicated, just awesome tasting dishes everyone loves! Some of the recipes you will find on this site include beverage recipes, bread, chips, dessert recipes, dip recipes, entree recipes, gluten free, soup, vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes and a whole lot more.

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, and a large number of foodstuffs involving chocolate have been created. Gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes have become traditional on certain holidays. Chocolate is also used in cold and hot beverages such as chocolate milk and hot chocolate. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, the dried and partially fermented seeds of the cacao tree, a small evergreen tree native to the deep tropical region of the Americas. Much of the chocolate consumed today is in the form of sweet chocolate, which is a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar. Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids. It is best to store chocolate away from other foods, as it known to absorb different aromas.

In the United States and Canada a cookie is a small, flat, sweet baked treat. Cookies usually contain flour, eggs, sugar, and either butter, cooking oil or another oil or fat, and often including ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips or nuts. Cookies may be massproduced, made in small bakeries or home-made. Cookie variants include using two thin cookies with a creme filling and dipping the cookie in chocolate or another sweet coating. Cookies are often served with beverages such as milk, coffee or tea. In many other English speaking countries cookies are called biscuits. Cookies are most commonly baked until crisp or just long enough that they remain soft, but some kinds of cookies are not baked at all.

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