Cowboy Lasagna

Lasagna is one of those meals that everyone seems to love and this Cowboy Lasagna is a wonderful and new twist on an old classic meal. Sometimes the same old-same old meal can get a bit redundant if you have it all the time. So this is why it is so great that the wonderful Peppermint Mocha Mama has posted a new way to make your lasagna! Itís not really all that different from your regular lasagna - it still has the meat, the sauce, and, of course, the cheese. But what this one doesn't have is the noodles you typically would find in your regular lasagna. What it does have is tater tots and corn in it! I have an open mind when it comes to eating and I am sure the combination would be pretty good!

For this lasagna recipe, you basically add all of the ingredients together in a casserole dish and then you are ready to let it cook. When itís done, take it out of the oven and then serve it up! I think it would feed a whole army of people. And it would definitely be a very satiating meal for even the largest of appetites.

Lasagna originated in Naples, Italy and it has long been one of the main staples of Italian cuisine, as you may know already. The origin of why we call it lasagna is still debated over to this day though and no one can come to a final conclusion of why it is actually called that. Most say it is named that for the flat noodles that are usually used in it. Others say itís named after the cooking container it was cooked in.

There are so many different variations of the classic noodle lasagna too, like chicken lasagna of course, or veggie lasagna, mushroom lasagna, seafood lasagna, and so many other wonderful variations without the traditional noodles, like this Cowboy Lasagna recipe! I would totally give it a try. Iíll bet it would be great to make two of these amazing lasagna dishes and then we would have meals to freeze so we could have them in those moments when you just need to make something very quickly.

I really hope you will try this cowboy lasagna recipe out for yourself. I found it over at the ĎPeppermint Mocha Mamaí website, and there are a lot more great recipes over there as well.

Who is Peppermint Mocha Mama? Although Iím not exactly sure what her real name is, she says she is married to the best man ever and she has two lovely daughters who make her heart sing and her days shine bright. Fascinatingly enough, she also worked as a Disney cast member for many years but has retired now. She is still spreading the magic through her magical blog, full of wonderful recipes. She also lives in Texas and adores Worcestershire sauce. Actually, so does her entire family!

Worcestershire sauce just happens to be another key ingredient to this decadent cowboy lasagna, adding just the right amount of awesome to this awesomesauce main course dish.

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